New $10 power system for vehicle and home in 2016


October 26th, 2015 marks the day of the global blueprint disclosure of the Keshe Foundation Magrav Plasma Power Production Units: plasma-based, free-energy technology.

This week the Keshe Foundation is open to the public on all weekday mornings starting at 10:00 CET and in the afternoons at 14:00 CET through friday October 30th, 2015. Watch the live teachings of the technology through [ Livestream ], [ Youtube ] and [ Zoom ].

July 8, 2016 update:
[ Selling Magravs-Power Plasma Generators ]

December 14, 2015 update:
Kids Build Plasma Power System for Home ]

The first official disclosure was successfully broadcast live by the Keshe Foundation during the October 16th 2015 Ambassador Meeting in Rome. Participating nations include: Mozambique, Nigeria, Palestine, Belarus, Ghana, China, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Iraq, Norway, USA, Romania, Malta, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Poland and others.

Full 2 hours 45 minutes October 16, 2015 Disclosure:

[ 1 hour 30 minute version ] [ 15 minute version

By accepting to take home the distributed free energy devices, the ambassadors from these nations have agreed to seed the attainable aims of disarmament in their areas. The scientific communities can in turn correspondingly introduce the technologies to their citizens to avoid further geo-political and macro-economic conflicts, thus moving towards a peaceful civilization.Keshe logo

The Keshe Foundation consists of various people from around the planet whose aim is to implement world peace by bringing new technologies to mankind. Their registered office is at: Jubileumplein 3, NL-6161 SR Geleen, Netherlands. However, much of the Keshe Foundation research and development is based out of Italy. The Italian government, military, and top scientists are invested into this science. They currently support and protect the Foundation despite US and NATO requests to shut down. The Keshe Foundation is now one of the largest research organizations on the planet under the heaviest protection.


The sole director of the Foundation is the founder, Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, a nuclear engineer born in Iran in 1958. Keshe has recently stated, “One nation, one planet, one race… a tool of peace has been given, the rest belongs to the people.”

Keshe Foundation Power Supply - Magrav Plasma Power Production Units - Home and Car Versions - October 2015

Expected at less than $10 per household in late 2016, this energy source can power everything. The applications are substantial: unlimited use for the development of food, energy, travel, medicine, materials and more. The unit is designed specifically to be affordable for all. Every home can generate power and cease reliance on power companies. Funding for this initiative is already available.

Keshe Foundation Products ]

Keshe Foundation Products - Magrav Power Systems - website screenshot oct 23 2015

The Keshe Foundation is selling the power units in advance, in preparation for many distributors organizing logistics to sell the units through various networks such as the Canadian website. [July 5, 2016 update: The website no longer functions. The owner is now a part of the Keshe Foundation Distribution team.] The power units are warehoused at several locations and as of October 25, 2015, these are available in the following formats:

Magrav-Power Universal System
This is a full system that is able to power a home and produce energy for the grid. (30 cm x 90 cm)

Keshe Foundation Power Supply - Magrav Plasma Power Production Unit - Home Version - a - October 2015

Magrav-Power Car System
This is a full system that is able to power a car. An electric car can be supported eternally. (6 cm x 18 cm)

Keshe Foundation Power Supply - Magrav Plasma Power Production Unit - Car Version - a - October 2015

As per the advance orders to support the initial movement, the price for either Magrav Plasma Power Production Unit is 500 EUR + 300 EUR donation + 21 % TAX + shipping. Delivery time: 30 – 90 Days. The price is expected to drop significantly during 2016.

Magrav Plasma Power

The Keshe Foundation is providing a practical humanitarian link between thinking in the matter state to working in the plasma state. Mr Keshe teaches how to elevate matter into the “GAs to Nano State” (GANS) and then how to use nano-coated wires to deal strictly with the Plasma.

Keshe physics is based on Magnetic (repulsion) and Gravitational (attraction) fields which are common to every particle of the universe, hence “magrav”. Since light is the result of friction between the magrav fields of the sun and the earth, (light being the 1st transition stage between plasma and matter) and gravity being the stronger force, the light particles are attracted back to the earth and thus we have daylight.

The concepts are much easier to grasp when it is accepted that we are dealing with a highly intelligent energy that can do work through corresponding communication protocols. This technology is founded on the ability of plasma to discern or think. We can instruct the plasma when we understand the method for relaying the intent.

Electrical energy is a part of matter. Plasma is the basis of all energy but it is not matter. These power units are not electrical generators and do not work like electrical systems, although as a by-product they do produce electrical current. For example, as long as a motorbike is compatible through a brush-less motor with no resistive speed control, then a plasma reactor can power it. Measurements like watts and volts are not as relevant any more. A plasma reactor can power an AC unit and a cellphone on the same wire at the same time.

MMK keshe maggrav workings

While the power deliverable by the power unit is unlimited in potential, the copper wire channel that it uses can only handle a tiny portion. It takes a couple of weeks to nano-coat the wires to a sufficient degree to allow for superconductivity, and at that stage, gigawatts can be drawn from the plasma fields that surround us. The actual draw is only what is required, so the specs are given in the appliances, or the loads themselves.

Scientific dissemination of Magrav Plasma Power

Keshe Foundation 68th Knowledge Workshop Days 1 – 3, filmed live over the course of July of 2015. These videos include many hours of in-depth theory and demonstrations of the magrav plasma technologies: [ Day 1 ] [ Day 2 ] [ Day 3 ] This video selection starts at the 15 minute mark during day 3, at the first unveiling of the power production units seen in the photographs in this article.

Keshe Foundation 80th Knowledge Seekers Workshop filmed live on September 24th, 2015. Here Mr Keshe describes the Keshe Foundation Power Unit.

What is coming compliments contemporary physics but much of what is currently known will become obsolete. It is expected that many working appliances will be geared to the superior and much simpler employment of direct plasma power.

Untitled-1 copy

All questions can be answered further by Keshe Foundation representatives:

Keshe Foundation:
Keshe Foundation Energy Technology
Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute
Keshe Foundation Community
Keshe Foundation Forum

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Program Organization Archives:
[ Youtube Channel ] [ Livestream Channel ]

Appended Notes on October 28th, 2015:

Collaborative Documentation of the Blueprint Workshops is in the process of being created using public cloud document editing technology through Google Docs.

A group was created for those who are interested in this collaborative integration platform: KFSSI Magrav Plasma Blueprint Group Please email the author for membership. Everyone is welcome.

There is a Skype Brainstorming room for anyone interested in the discussion: Keshe Tech Brainstorming Room.

Appended Notes on November 3rd, 2015:

An article about the disclosed blueprint and emerging technologies is being prepared. The expected publication date is the weekend of November 7th or earlier.

[ Blueprint Download (12.3 MB) ]

Due to the aims of this blog as well as the nature of the enclosed information, this article has been assembled as a collection of research surrounding the Keshe Foundation disclosures occurring between the 16th and 25th of October 2015. Some information has been copied directly from various sources and edited to fit this blog entry without any verification other than general agreement in various communities supporting the work. No permission was asked in copying the information, as there is an agreed upon necessity to move forward.

Other related articles by the Connectivist Collective include:

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Kids Build Plasma Power System for Home
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Plasma Energy Source – Live Keshe Disclosure Notice
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Note: First CO2 free-energy kits shipped
(February 15, 2015)

Note: Maggrav Canada distributes Keshe CO2 plasma energy kit
(January 25, 2015)

The opening fantasy image for this article is called “Magic Kingdom”, by Ivan Laliashvili.

46 thoughts on “New $10 power system for vehicle and home in 2016

    • Hi Michael: Could you rephrase what you mean by “real world” please? If the “real world” you mention is general ubiquity of the magrav plasma products in the daily life of humanity – then, according to the Keshe Foundation timeline, it is expected that 2016 will bring about such a transformation. My own opinion may differ… it might take a few years for such a paradigm shift to spread practically. I find the multi-trillion dollar “control groups” to have tremendous power over what happens today. I also know that in a certain way, everything depends on me… and therefore you. Free energy based on the laws of nature has always existed. Certain contemporary people on this planet have had access to it for over 130 years. Others have been using such technology for thousands of years without needing to share it… some until now. I hope this sheds some light on your question. Keep in touch and have a good day! M


    • Hi Martine: what practical information or help are you seeking precisely? Perhaps I can include this information in my next report about the current events of the magrav plasma disclosure. Have a good day! M


    • Hi – thanks for the extra coverage in Greek! I do not read the language but I am certain some people will have a read, although I do wonder how the translation went and if it is similar to this article here. Kind Regards, M


    • Hi Rebecca: There are more simplified articles planned about these new power sources but it is not necessary to know everything in order for it to work! Let me know if there are any particular aspects you are curious about. Kind Regards, M


  1. Simon West

    Hello! This is what I have been waiting for. I read a lot, and tried (with my basic highschool physics knowledge) to understand how this works. What I just realized is that the knowledge that i have been given is.. outdated. What i realized and believe that this is, it’s of a totally different standard of science.
    So, what I do wonder is that, if i order a device for example to Norway.. Can I expect it to arrive, or is there a chance that the customs will put their hands on it. Sorry for being “sceptic”, but i just don’t want to waste my “hard-working-pennies” to the Norwegian customs, which you probably understand. I’ve been trying to study as much as possible of the Keshe-material and also trying to make my friends, family and colleagues (I work as a nurse) to understand what is about to happen, and what future this can help us bring. Well, thank you.


    • Hi Simon: The KFSSI magrav plasma power sources are only a few of the possible free energy devices being disclosed at this time. There are more coming from different places. What keeps the movement flowing is the live open-sourcing, crowdfunding, and collaboration, especially through the internet. As we share, learn and document the way for others, we begin to see much more than we imagined at first! Stay tuned, and expect more articles about practical working examples. Kind Regards, M.


    • Hi Cory: At the moment it is possible to order the “KFSSI magravs universal power unit” directly through the Keshe Foundation website, or through a distributor in your area on the website map of distributors. I currently do not know the shipping costs for Canada, perhaps a representative on the mentioned websites can help in this matter. Kind Regards, M.


  2. What kind of work is involved if I bought one ? Where and how do I connect it to the electric supply system in my place ? Are any of these devices warehoused in my country ? (Australia) Look forward to getting my hands on one, and using it. Cheers, Jeff


    • Hi Jeff: The details you ask about pertain to the current work of the people involved with building the first installations of the KFSSI magravs power units. I am also interested in learning about this new power system which can be applied to a home, a car, and many other devices such as a smartphone. Shipping, warehousing and distributorship is just beginning. Please check the distributors map on the website for local assistance in Australia. If you do not find any helpful information then please email me. Kind Regards, M.


  3. Susan

    You are all amazing human beings with most wonderous souls. Thank you all for your dedication, insight and humanity. I look forward to learning more about the science of your devices, their actual functioning and also sharing the information with others. Thank You.


  4. Yan

    I would love this to be true but am skeptical by nature. My question is: How do you want to power a electric car through a cigarette lighter plug?


  5. Anonymous

    very expensive …….you have said ….before a month , that it would be less than 200 usd. now the canedian one is 500 dollars and I don’t know anything about the customs fees !!!


    • Hi – Thank you for your inquiry regarding the sale of the KFSSI Magrav Power Units. The current prices are as set on the Keshe Foundation website: Currently the global distributors are placing the first orders for their clients. You can let me know who you are dealing with for the prices you mention. As of Novemebr 18th 2015, no Canadian prices have been advertised by the Connectivist Collective. If I was to ask a question it would be to find out what you are comparing the price to. Kind Regards, Mateusz


  6. Yousuf M

    Hi Marteusz,
    Thanks for your concise explanation of QEG of Magrav. Good we will take this technology to higher level .My thoughts and works —-regarding Short conditioning period and Standalone off /separate from Grid



    Va salut din Romania , locuiesc intr-un sat sarac din jud. Teleorman Considerati ca este posibil sa pot achizitiona un astfel de miracol care sa produca curent electric pentru gospodaria mea ? Va rog sa creati posibilitatea achitarii contravalorii in rate [ in loc sa platesc factura lunara la distribuitorii de energie electrica , } sa achit ratele catre d-voastra . In acest fel vom reusii sa trecem rapid la debransarea de la reteaua electrica existenta si in acelasi timp sa incurjam distributia de Kituri de energie pentru plasma . Keshe CO 2 CU STIMA !…



    RECTIFIC COMENTARIUL ANTERIOR Va salut din Romania , locuiesc intr-un sat sarac din jud. Teleorman. Considerati ca este posibil sa achizitionez un astfel de miracol care sa produca curent electric pentru casa mea ? Va rog sa creati posibilitatea achitarii contravalorii in rate [ inloc sa platesc factura lunara la distribuitorii de energie electrica ] achit ratele catre d-voastra In acest fel voi reusii sa sa ma debransez de la retea si in acelasi timp sa incurajam distributia Kiturilor de energie pentru plasma Keshe CO2 CU STIMA !…


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