2008 meshcode.ca predicts 2017 blockchain decentralization visuals


In April 2008 I received strong signals to create the meshcode visuals for the website homepage as seen below.

Meshcode Motion Graphics 2008

Meshcode Motion Graphics 2008

It was my favourite basic mathematics made visual, something I felt to be a strong expression of an inner movement of intelligence. I had it in me for a few years until this expression came. At that time I did want to explore this further but I had little means and few connections so I wrote a manifesto and painted my feelings throughout the Kensington Market neighborhood instead. I had also done this for a few years already at that time, and anonymously! It was an expression of hacker tendencies externalized in the physical envoronment. Blue objects were painted as if “touched” as nodes in public space. I wrote about that in another manifesto and created video documentations. This was 2005.

Kensington Market Anonymous Blue Paintings

KM5T BLUCRKL 2005-2008

In the years that came I pursued this direction of a connectivist. If I had understood or met those responsible for Bitcoin in 2008 I think we would have shared the same heaven. I am currently invested and involved in deploying the knowledge of the blockchain innovations and computer science breakthroughs. I wish to deploy a new blockchain corwdfunding portal for open-source New Energy Technologies. It’s called The Sky is High Crowdfunding and is available for viewing as a proof of concept. As of mid 2017, the “blockchain revolution” includes the exact same graphics on most of the major advancing websites pertaining to platform development, smart contracts, distributed ledgers etc. The meshcode I understand is not yet quite that which is now commonly represented, it is something much more. Perhaps this is something to continue to explore or wonder about. Nevertheless the following are screenshots of current graphics representing the mesh network topology in various ways:

I think I would give credit to Robert Penner and the bunch of people who first came up with the wonderful ideas for creative mathematical applications for Flash Actionscript back in the early 2000’s while I was in University studying experimental New Media. There was a book called Creative Flash Math or something like that. The math still applies. I think that’s what ended up being used in the mobile gaming industry after they finally figured out who needs endless tweening.

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