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The following is a copied selection from the author’s final rough draft version of a document translated into polish from this point and edited several times.  The final polish document is published in PDF format and forms the logistical basis for the work of the Polish QEG group, run by the Lud Wody Ognistej group, viewable in the main timeline of this blog: https://vibrosho.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/czysta-energia-z-prozni/. The author does not endorse this draft version other than as a documentation of the process of the work involved. If one can sift through the psychology of trolling in the prevalent wiseacering online, there is a abundance of practical information there in english. If a recommendation would be acceptable then one may wish to begin on the Orion Project website: – albeit with full and healthy skepticism: http://www.theneworionproject.org/en/

Free Energy as New Energy

(Zero-Point Energy, Energy from the Vacuum, Quantum Energy)

This is an introductory document for those interested in understanding and working together to participate in the disclosure of Free Energy as an energy source in Poland.

Free Energy refers to the power within space that universally holds physical reality together. It is us, as it is in everything, our human bodies can tune into it, and we can use technology to tune into it. As such, Free Energy can be harvested through the form of a free energy device.

The definition of a free energy device is an energy-producing technology that is outside the usual main-stream consideration or awareness.[i]

If the universe was moved to zero degrees absolute, with no motion, this fundamental energy would still be there. It is the energy that the vacuum possesses as we go to zero degrees.

Perpetual motion is merely a human-centric intellectual concept which at most perpetuates misunderstanding because it binds to the paradigm which is now being expanded. Perpetual motion is the way things are, atoms have been swimming in perpetual Free Energy for 15 billion years, as long as we know physical reality to exist. Maybe before 15 billion years ago Free Energy did not exist, perhaps in one second it may stop. That would make Free Energy non-perpetual. By nature humanity does not create Free Energy or perpetual motion, we tap into it, we can work with it: as long as physical reality holds and does not disassemble spontaneously, this energy is present.[ii]

Free Energy represents limitless abundance, openness, transparency, freedom of sharing, and open sourcing.

Free Energy is the end of fossil fuels, it is the elimination of poverty, and the onset of ecological sustainability. The ordinary militarization of free energy is not possible because Free Energy is the solution to end warfare.

The current disclosures and verifications of reality bring new possibilities for energy sources into the public domain. It is up to humanity to decide what to do.[iii] The situation is such that the harmonious application of Free Energy has failed when initiated by those in capable positions today, namely those in governments, corporations, industries, institutions, and mass media. It is the people who are here to make Free Energy a reality.

From an engineering perspective, Free Energy can be harnessed by high voltages at specific frequencies which depend on the substrate. Contemporary energy systems depend on complex entropic solutions and electrodynamics which fights itself. This is not the case with Free Energy, where the dipole is saved from destruction and negentropy is witnessed. Published evidence of this exists, even within the context of our own bodies.[iv]


About the QEG – A Free Energy Movement

The QEG is an acronym for the Quantum Energy Generator (alternatively, Quantum Electric Generator). It can fit into a medium handheld box and output up to 40kW. It is an energy-harvesting device that can power a family home.

The Quantum Energy Generator is a transitional energy source, taking us from a total absence of public free energy to a working public prototype version. It is based on a patent from 1894 filed by one of the co-re-discoverers of Free Energy, Nicola Tesla. It is not the most advanced Free Energy device of contemporary times.

Perhaps all energy is “free”, perhaps all energy is “quantum” at some level, and perhaps no energy is “generated” in a free energy device. Whatever the case, Nicola Tesla simply called it an “Electric Generator” in his original patent.

Since the QEG has rotary electromagnetic elements, it can be categorized as one of the “Rotary Electromagnetic Free Energy Generator[s]” in the example list of about twenty possible new energy technologies in the “Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies” briefing given to the US President and Congress in 2009 by the CSETI Orion/Aero Inc. project developed by Dr. Steven M. Greer, MD and Theodore C. Loder III, PhD:


The Quantum Energy Generator patent is now open sourced and live on the internet, as with all of its ongoing daily research and development. The information exists in various spheres of knowledge. For example, if one is looking for technical understanding there are forums for scientists who can talk directly with those who have built the devices. If one is having vivid dreams of new energy solutions pertaining to the QEG build, one may find listeners in other channels.

The QEG is currently in a late research and development stage with successful scientifically-measurable and reproducible results in the working prototypes. Over thirty-two countries are following the core transnational team with its developments, and many countries are initiating build groups.

The central aspects of the QEG movement which allow it to reach further than previous attempts at Free Energy are its open-sourcing, crowdfunding and co-development. It is based on a collaborative business paradigm. A primary online index for communication between groups can be found at: http://be-do.com/index.php/en/qeg-communities


An open invitation to begin a QEG Group in Poland

It is summer 2014. This is a significant date because Free Energy initiatives are gaining success at a pace which can make this document irrelevant and common knowledge by 2015.

Today in Poland we can join the successful QEG Free Energy movement with thousands of people already tuned in across the globe. The particular device which has been open sourced at the end of March 2014 is the Quantum Energy Generator. It is influencing an exponentially increasing surge of people to come together and make Free Energy an aspect of daily life. It is also fuel for the planetary disclosure movement in all fields.

Poland has a rich history of people’s movements which make it fertile grounds for a Free Energy generation.[v] The people know destruction by experience, even if merely passed on by psychological heredity spanning generations. When you visit Poland you can see that destruction is being left behind in favour of love, light and abundance. There is much work to be done but the Quantum Energy Generator can be viewed as the fruit of this shared understanding.

QEG Poland can begin as a group of people that contemplate the initial steps together. The first steps might define the group, make it public, and inspire people towards the actions they can support. There are many people expressing interest and they are asking for coordination. Among the people observing the founding of this group are industrialists, millionaires, European Union fund allocators, top government officials, top scientists, and corporate entities. However, these are not the people we are working with because they are not able to help as long as they function by the paradigms which have been in place for the last 100 years. The moment the group goes public it can connect with thousands of others in many countries who are able to help each other. Most of the steps needed to be taken after an initial group is formed are already outlined by those who have taken such measures successfully this year.



[i] Dr. Steven M. Greer, MD, and Theodore C. Loder III, PhD, “Summary of Break-Through Energy Technologies”, retrieved September 14, 2014:



[ii] Tom Bearden, PhD, US Army, “Pulling Energy From The Vacuum”, retrieved September 14, 2014:



[iii] DC Workshop with Dr. Steven M. Greer, MD, April 13 2014, retrieved September 14, 2014:



[iv] For example, in Reconnective Healing, the energetic sensations in one’s hands increase in strength with distance from the client. This is negentropy experienced directly. Retreived September 14, 2014:



[v] When diving into contemporary European history one can see that the people of Poland understand coming together for a cause during the most turbulent of times. Today it is the challenge to establish leadership in spiritual dimensions coexisting with the material realm. Such is the nature of the QEG Free Energy work. After a mere 70 years of being in the heart of destruction during two World Wars the greatest obstacles may be engrained psychological factors requiring resolution. However, this can also be seen as one of the most powerful driving forces, when the need end all wars exists by direct experience.


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