Hi, my name is Mateusz and this whole thing is an experiment. This blog is about my daily operations in setting up the free energy movement across the planet.  I get the impression that very few people have gone this route before but perhaps everyone dreams of it.  I am a “connectivist” Healing Arts practitioner within the Free Energy movement with the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) program in Canada (Toronto) and Poland (Wrocław/Warszawa).  Officially I am certified in advanced healing arts through which it is possible to receive healing from many diseases.  I also facilitate past-life regression, information retrieval, and a form of axiatonal alignment.  These arts are activated only for the common good and the well-being of the client.

One of the powers of the internet is when everyone has a public accessible page describing who they are and what they do.  It is the end of August of 2014 and I just created new avatars for myself online in order to facilitate the expansion of this movement across time and space on the Internet.

Currently I manage all the positions listed above for the QEG work in Poland. I base my work on personal individual and communal experiences primarily in Canada and the USA. The work is most challenging in those aspects which include transcoding anthropologically through Polish psychology at various social levels while never having lived for an extended period of time in Poland. I also help manage the Toronto (Canada QEG group) presence within the Canadian QEG movement which is connected to the transnational core QEG team.

I have worked in many fields and funded my further explorations with employment in the motion picture industry as a technician. This allowed me to investigate the deeper fabric of science and spirituality at experiential and measurable domains. I am not a professional quantum physics expert nor do I have any extensive engineering qualifications. However, I do know the power of people coming together, the potential of the Internet as a collaborative tool, the planetary disclosure movements, and our possibilities and barriers in inner and outer life.

I am here to help design, create, and maintain the path for people. There seems to be a space for this path where there is a need. As was once stated to me by a client in a past-life regression, “the path is maintained just by walking it.” As a means of livelihood, I call it the business of connectivism. In order to work we come together and keep together. As such, there are many people successfully working at caring for happiness, peace, and liberation of all beings.

The following is an autobiographical blog entry and it has sources of my experiences. It was written across a personal contemplative time in 2013 while on a successful nine-month-long change of lifestyle in a small surf town on the Canadian Pacific Rim coastline.

[ A kind of Man: ]



Websites and Blogs


Let us connect! The following are my new online accounts created for this line of work which I personally describe as “Connectivism in the Free Energy movement”. Other accounts may be needed for sharing standardized documents, photographs, audio, live streaming.


Life Story

[ Blog Entry: A Kind Of Man ]



[ Healing Arts Website ]

[ Civil Disobedience ]

[ QEG Toronto ]



[ Blog: The Sound of Attunement ]

(healing arts practice)

The original 2008-2011 meshcode blog experiments pertaining to the anonymous connectivist Horizon Kids movement in Kensington Market can be found here:

The author has other unrelated blogs.



Social Media Networks


[ gravatar ]

[ linkedin ]

[ twitter ]

[ youtube ]

[ facebook page ]

[ Skype ] skype:mateusz.m.kujawski

[ facebook personal account ]

[ delicious ]

[ google+ ]

[ google+ page ]

“Vibrosho” is an avatar name chosen to reference a universal experiential teaching through which one can begin to understand the following statement, “Unless the wisdom of the East and the energy of the West could be harnessed and used harmoniously…”



Select Projects


[ Civil Disobedience – Cracker Manifesto – Personal Telefire Device: 2007 ]

(open source programmable cellphone jammer group project)


[ Painting – KM5T BLU CRKL: 2005-2008 ]

(abstract public space design in single colour)


[ Free Energy – Abstract Public Service Announcement: 2014 ]

(currently re-edited and awaiting update)


[ Manifesto – meshcode: 2009 ]

(on humanity and the internet)


[ Audio – Five Lectures Reading: 2010 ]

(“the psychology of man’s possible evolution”)


[ Dance in Music Video – Bicycles “Gotta Get Out”: 2007]

(space for goofyness)


[ Acting – “The Rockets of Tomorrow”: 2007 ]

(live performative cinema with DJ mix)


[ Theoretical Abstract – The Possibility of Augumented Sentience in a Mixed Reality Field: 2007]

(technology is an basic externalized simulation of human abilities)

4 thoughts on “Author

    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your QEG enthusiasm. I have taken note of your interest to meet and passed it on to those involved in the QEG work in Poland. You may also post more about yourself on the QEG Poland facebook page. However, you might not receive a big response during October 2015. I could meet with you, preferably if you happen to be in either Wrocław or Kraków. Warsaw I can get to sometimes but not frequently.

      Kind Regards,



  1. Wow, fasnttaic weblog layout! How long have you ever been blogging for? you make blogging glance easy. The overall glance of your site is great, as neatly as the content!


  2. Så flott bilde!Var jo "veggbilde-materiale" :)Ein nydelig gutt!Tusen takk for kommentaren du la igjen hos meg!Vi var, dessverre, ikkje ned til Nagasaki, men kunne godt ha vært det. Det var strekt å være innom parken og museet, etter alt vi har lært i historie..Lykke til med bidraget!Klem


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