Free Remote Healing – Darmowe Zdalne Uzdrawianie



Hi – Witam:

My name is Mateusz. I am currently offering free remote healing services.

Reconnective Healing: this form of help is available over any distance at any time. The approach allows simpler planning of sessions for the client and offers a greater responsibility for the healings received. This work continues to be supported by donations from people who have experienced transformations in various forms including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

Donations support my basic needs and advance the development of this blog which is a documentation of the attempt to live harmoniously. My aim is to continue this line of work as a connectivist healing arts practitioner within the free energy movement. For more information please visit the detailed website linked below and explore the “author page“. Exchange is also possible for learning opportunities in any of the article categories listed in the menu pane.

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I am available on a daily basis for sessions in english and polish. Welcome:

[ “Being Imaginary” Website ]

Polish Version:

Mam na imię Mateusz. Obecnie oferuję usługi darmowego zdalnego uzdrawiania.

Uzdrawianie Rekonektywne: ta forma pomocy jest dostępna bez względu na odległość i w dowolnym czasie. Metoda daje klientowi możliwość zaplanowania sesji w prosty sposób oraz bycie bardziej odpowiedzialnym za uzdrowienie. Praktykę umożliwiają darowizny od ludzi, którzy doświadczyli przemian fizycznych, emocjonalnych, psychicznych, duchowych oraz innych.

Jestem dostępny codziennie na sesje po polsku lub angielsku. Zapraszam:

[ Witryna “Istota Wizji” ]

Cohabitat: Hackerspace and FabLab in Wrocław, Poland


I am investigating this emergent movement in Poland and looking for opportunities to participate in the Wrocław area: I would like to learn how to build and power a home with a garden. I would also like to learn how to renovate and heat any livable space within 24 hours. All this so that I may help those in off-grid needs wherever I travel as a connectivist within the healing arts and free energy movements.

For these aims I have found several arising organizations in my hometown of Wrocław, Poland. Cohabitat is based out of Łódź, with 50K facebook followers, but has a new base in Wrocław… the venture promotes itself with practical and universally harmonious designs for ecological sustainability in all dimensions. Hackerspace is where more of the the technology aspects are explored. FabLab is a place where physical manifestation happens, where the mind can be the builder.