Mesh crowdfunding for a free energy travel blog



Has anyone had success in funding unpopular experimental ecological initiatives? I am seeking grants, angel investment, crowdfunding, philanthropic interest, and donations for continued exploration into ecologically sustainable energy solutions approaching free energy…and I need help.

I currently travel and blog as a member in the various organizations such as HelpX, WWOOF, and Workaway. This helps minimize costs to transportation with occasional lodging and meal expenses. These organizations form a network of places and people who provide food and room in exchange for work.

Energy companies worldwide have abundant financial resources. For me, 50 EUR per week is a substantial amount to have for investigating how people view and use energy and ameliorating the planetary situation in practical transparent ways.

I am ready to join others and even go back to school in order to realize this. As long as I work doing what I can, I think the help exists for a collaborative solutions. If I was to choose one direction it might be to mesh crowdfunding a top-level university tuition to enter a material science department and prove free energy based on a live network of collaborating indivuduals present with me every step of the way.

The directions are new and unknown which at the moment I can only visualize abstractly. There exists a challenge to communicate and inspire others towards collaboration.

My aims are to create a planetary relaxation center franchise and to collaborate with those who work in the advanced free energy sciences and advanced healing arts for the benefit of ecological sustainability for all life.

I am documenting the energy grids at the ecologically sustainable initiatives I visit. These places can be revisited when the first working free energy devices are available, and this can be added to the documentation at that time.

Please see the Keshe Foundation for their recent contributions to the Free Energy movement: