Free Remote Healing – Darmowe Zdalne Uzdrawianie



Hi – Witam:

My name is Mateusz. I am currently offering free remote healing services.

Reconnective Healing: this form of help is available over any distance at any time. The approach allows simpler planning of sessions for the client and offers a greater responsibility for the healings received. This work continues to be supported by donations from people who have experienced transformations in various forms including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

Donations support my basic needs and advance the development of this blog which is a documentation of the attempt to live harmoniously. My aim is to continue this line of work as a connectivist healing arts practitioner within the free energy movement. For more information please visit the detailed website linked below and explore the “author page“. Exchange is also possible for learning opportunities in any of the article categories listed in the menu pane.

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I am available on a daily basis for sessions in english and polish. Welcome:

[ “Being Imaginary” Website ]

Polish Version:

Mam na imię Mateusz. Obecnie oferuję usługi darmowego zdalnego uzdrawiania.

Uzdrawianie Rekonektywne: ta forma pomocy jest dostępna bez względu na odległość i w dowolnym czasie. Metoda daje klientowi możliwość zaplanowania sesji w prosty sposób oraz bycie bardziej odpowiedzialnym za uzdrowienie. Praktykę umożliwiają darowizny od ludzi, którzy doświadczyli przemian fizycznych, emocjonalnych, psychicznych, duchowych oraz innych.

Jestem dostępny codziennie na sesje po polsku lub angielsku. Zapraszam:

[ Witryna “Istota Wizji” ]

Emissionless Water Powered Generator for 2016 – $5K for 5kW


Today, October 30th, 2015, GDS Technologies Canada releases its water-powered generator for 2016 pre-orders. The GDS5000 is an emissionless, renewable power source producing 5000 watts using only water!

GDS Tech - Water Powered Generator GDS5000 - connectivist collective Oct 30 2015

Simply fill up the tank with 4 gallons of ordinary tap water and go! The amazing “on button” starts the battery, pump and turbine which then produces power for the home, cottage, shed and hobby projects. The only maintenance requirement is a “draining and spraying” once every three months.

[ PDF Brochure ]

GDS Tech - Water Powered Generator - screenshot - connectivist collective Oct 30 2015

“Our generators are 50% less noisy than regular fossil fuel generators and can be used indoors because they are emissionless: no fumes and no pollution. The maximum run time is 4 continuous hours per day.

These generators are primarily designed for emergency backup use. The design of the generators is patent-pending and all components of the generator units are ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) approved.

The GDS5000 can be pre-ordered today for $5000 USD. 

We are now in our manufacturing phase and will be accepting pre-orders. Due to the high demand we can’t guarantee delivery until mid 2016.”

GDS Tech - Water Powered Generator - Building - connectivist collective Oct 30 2015GDS_Building


  • Large capacity tank with incorporated digital gauge provides durability and extended run time.
  • Fold down locking handle for sturdy portability and compact storage.
  • Heavy duty never flat wheels for reliability portability.
  • Covered outlets provide added protection from the environment in rugged working conditions.

GDS Tech - Water Powered Generator - Sign - connectivist collective Oct 30 2015GDS_Building2


Telephone: 1 (905) 576-4888
Location: 999 Boundary Rd. Oshawa ON L1J 8P8

[ November 2014: GDS Technologies announces Portable Water-Powered Generators ]

[ September 2015: Comparison with the open-sourced “Quantum Energy Generator” ]

Text, Website and Email on way


I completely re-edited the foundational text with terminology more suited for the Polish reader’s psychology. This means that I will have one day to make the website and email invitation, but it will come. In this way it may be more basic than if I had an infinite amount of time.



Designing new portal for Poland


Designing connective information for the advancement of the practice of harvesting clean energy from the vacuum as a source. A portal in polish with basic text outlining the current state of the planetary energy situation. Day 1 of 3 methinks.


Incredibly challenging is the name which I have not thought of yet. As per my posts on facebook:

Nazwa jaka może być?
Jest to dla grupy która bada energie ze źródła pierwotnego na terenie Polski, i będzie promować informacje i urządzenie Generatora Energii Kwantowej jako pierwszy projekt.

Polska Free Energy Collective
Kolektyw Badawniczy Energii z Próżni
Kolektyw Poszukiwaczy Ujawnien o Energii z Próżni
Rozwój Ujawnień Naturalnego Źródła Energii z Próżni

słowa które mi wpadają do głowy:
darmowa energia
energia czerpana z próżni
źródło astro-kwantowe
źródło harmonijnej energii z próżni
energia ze źródła próżni astro-kwantowej

Collective Advancement of Vacuum Energy = Zbiorowy Rozwój Energii z Próżni

Research Group of the Vacuum Energy = Grupa Badawcza Energii z Próżni

Mateusz Kujawski przedstawia Kolektyw Ku Jawności Czystej Energii z Próżni = MK presents Collective Disclosure of Clean Energy from the Vacuum (not translated right but sounds better in english, although the polish version has a play on my last name)

Polish vodka joke… firewater…

Wyjawienie ludu wody ognistej: źródło czystej energii to próżnia!