Visions and aims of a Free Energy connectivist



What is the measure of action in the connectivist line of work? Since its inception, the subtitle of this blog has been “inspire abundance” – what does that mean?

The universe is abundant, we are the universe, inspiration. Free energy is us.

The state of essential questioning, visible in every person’s life, may be called attunement: sourcing pure approaches to the fulfillment of being human. Naturally one steps into the world of something along the lines of a contemporary yet traditional ayurvedic practice:

Ecological sustainability. Collaborating with elements of nature. Animals, plants, people, life everywhere. Only after these aims are at least attempted does my personal art, creative and professional work make any sense. Work to inspire… myself, to inspire others.

I envision an ecologically sensitive homely lifestyle, in a community where people help one another build their homes. Perhaps the publication titled, “Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter”, by Lloyd Kahn serves as an example of people attaining this individually at first. It is available in digital form also.


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Introductory Youtube video:

Now a new generation has come, a connected one. At least reactively, synthetically, technologically at first. Yet within are “rogue” groups, with pockets of people “seeing” into the potentials.

The following is an example of a communal building workshop planned for the summer of 2015 in Poland, but I believe there can be thousands of such workshops easily, until they are nearly “free”.

The Cohabitat Foundation of Łódź, Poland is doing formidable work with their webinars and workshops: Groups are forming in cities, where telecommunications allows for this movement.

I would like to be able to travel with no baggage. To be able to exchange homes freely, around the planet, in a communal network. To work 4 hours per day but not in stressful fear of the need for survival but for actual responsibility for what one chooses to do in life. The other time I would also “work”, perhaps even most of the time, but not in the way work is commonly understood.

I know such communities exist because I have visited a few, but many seem to lack something, something of tradition but also of 2015 and beyond…a kind of work. Put bluntly, such places are often taken over by people incapable of sustainability. The people and places seem to fall apart.

At the moment my aim is to be able to build a simple shelter anywhere. I am not of the system but I must develop a way of living in it. In the beginning stages this may mean attempting what I imagine to be possible in a responsible way. Perhaps rapid prototyping with available local tools in order to survive in local conditions.

Survival shelter: blanket, shower, boil water, room at night. I am in Wrocław, Poland.

Perhaps I may seek the assistance of:

Before I learn to use myself as the natural tool, I may require air and water testers, as well as other spectral measurement abilities. With the practice of the lifestyle, from my initial studies and experiences, I know that the human being is capable of all these sensitivities.

At some point in the future, the business side of this line of work may mean building relaxation centres around the planet. To that stage I have recieved indications that I need to learn and experience renovating abandoned properties to a livable state, owning a house, perhaps having an open source mobile FabLab and with it -building FabFi’s  where they are needed. I may also need to spend time in existing relaxation centers.

My ultimate aims are to help in the planetary development of free energy. For this, a natural lifestyle is necessary, or one in which a person can simply be oneself. I participate in the following organizations to learn about this lifestyle at the people’s homes who are living this. In exchange I receive work, food and a room.




I believe this is what can move people forward, especially those coming together at this time, with a shared understanding of the various planetary movements of science and spirituality.

I would like to have time for my own art and development, and to work professionally at times, at the crossing points of the movements, for example in the healing arts I facilitate and in crowdfunding. Eventually I envision connecting transitory free energy devices to homes.

How to start?

This post has been created in the form of an abstract stream, resembling the way I receive and process information, it can be a live post, editable whenever I see a new significant connection.

In one sentence, there seems to be a need for a world in which there is space for free energy, if we wish.

Mesh crowdfunding for a free energy travel blog



Has anyone had success in funding unpopular experimental ecological initiatives? I am seeking grants, angel investment, crowdfunding, philanthropic interest, and donations for continued exploration into ecologically sustainable energy solutions approaching free energy…and I need help.

I currently travel and blog as a member in the various organizations such as HelpX, WWOOF, and Workaway. This helps minimize costs to transportation with occasional lodging and meal expenses. These organizations form a network of places and people who provide food and room in exchange for work.

Energy companies worldwide have abundant financial resources. For me, 50 EUR per week is a substantial amount to have for investigating how people view and use energy and ameliorating the planetary situation in practical transparent ways.

I am ready to join others and even go back to school in order to realize this. As long as I work doing what I can, I think the help exists for a collaborative solutions. If I was to choose one direction it might be to mesh crowdfunding a top-level university tuition to enter a material science department and prove free energy based on a live network of collaborating indivuduals present with me every step of the way.

The directions are new and unknown which at the moment I can only visualize abstractly. There exists a challenge to communicate and inspire others towards collaboration.

My aims are to create a planetary relaxation center franchise and to collaborate with those who work in the advanced free energy sciences and advanced healing arts for the benefit of ecological sustainability for all life.

I am documenting the energy grids at the ecologically sustainable initiatives I visit. These places can be revisited when the first working free energy devices are available, and this can be added to the documentation at that time.

Please see the Keshe Foundation for their recent contributions to the Free Energy movement: