Fundacja Keshe: Główne Polskie Warsztaty w Internecie



Oto główne odnośniki do stron internetowych gdzie można znaleść aktualne informacje w języku polskim na temat technologii z Fundacji Keshe.

Nauki Publiczne w Języku Polskim

Plazma Chat 24 i Plazma Chat Edu
Codzienne transmisje na żywo w Zoom

Poradnik – “Zastosowania Technologii Magrav”
20/08/16 – (NexusHash / TZM Polska / Keshe Group Poland)

Keshe Fundacja Polska

Pokolenie 3000
157: 3/11/16

KESHE, oraz podstawy plazmy
2333: 15/08/16, 5013: 3/11/16

Magravs-Power (Polska Grupa Robocza)
500: 15/08/16, 1350: 3/11/16

KFSSI Polska
1621: 4/11/16

Pokolenie 3000 – Składamy Magrav’a krok po kroku
538: 4/11/16

Polacy dla Keshe Foundation Polska – Zaawansowana Technologia dla Świata
3806: 4/11/16

Keshe Group Poland – Plazma Czaty (Youtube)


Ludzkość dla Keshe (Złote Lata GANSU)
Opis jak wykonać Magrav’a
2886: 4/11/16ść-dla-KESHE-1268707859813210/?fref=nf

Niezależna Telewizja

Porozmawiajmy TV

Monitor Polski
Działające urządzenie: 8/16


Radio na Fali (podcasty)
1273: 4/11/16 (archiwa)

Go To The Forest
1273: 4/11/16 *

1568: 4/11/16

Fundacja Keshe – Polska technologia przyszłości dla Ciebie
1072: 4/11/16łości-dla-Ciebie-160911214059650


Magravs-Power Poland – Grupa na Slack’u
Zaproszenie poprzez email: sandbox + @ + meshcode + .ca

Polskie Forum KFSSI
1436 odwiedzeń: 4/11/16

Polska Grupa Tlumaczy Nowych Informacji Naukowych
13: 4/11/16

Magravs-Power Distribution and Sales Poland
58: 4/11/16

Energia Plazmowa – Produkty Zdrowotne Fundacji Keshe
115: 3/11/16

KESHE – sprzedam/kupię/warsztaty i szkolenia
233: 3/11/16

Keshe – Śląsk, Warsztaty Budowy Magrava
223: 4/11/16

Magravs-Power (Sekcja Wrocław)
278: 4/11/16

Magravs- Power (Sekcja Legnica)
9: 15/11/16

Keshe F. – sympatycy Warszawa
232: 15/11/16

Zdjęcia w tym artukule zostały pobrane ze strony facebook “Go To The Forest“.


QEG Europe and QEG Poland now on Slack



The Quantum Energy Generator movement was initiated by the Fix The World organization in 2012. In march of 2014 a QEG build manual was open-sourced. A third version of the manual now exist with technical updates and translations into select languages. Through crowdfunding efforts and transnational collaboration, many QEG builds have been documented at various phases of development.

In order to successfully advance the transnational efforts reaching phases of “resonance”, “over-unity” and “self-running”, Slack has been proposed as a shared digital workspace for QEG teams in Europe. This provides people with a wide range of integrated services for virtual organization of actual ongoing work. One can also participate in team efforts through the Slack smartphone app.

To join the [ QEG Europe ] Slack team or the [ QEG Poland ] Slack team, please email the author. At the moment invitations are by email or domain configurations. This may change in the near future as we learn how to operate together.

About Slack

Slack was launched in 2013 as a collaboration tool. The rapidly growing company currently stands at a $3 billion valuation according to Wikipedia:


Slack offers persistent chat rooms organized by topic, as well as private groups and direct messaging.All content inside Slack is searchable, including files, conversations, and people. Slack integrates with a large number of third-party services and supports community-built integrations. Major integrations include services such as Google DriveDropboxHeroku, Crashlytics, GitHubRunscopeand Zendesk.

In January 2015, Slack announced the acquisition of Screenhero, which will be integrated into the Slack software to add voice, video, and screen sharing.

In July 2015, Slack added Emoji Reactions, giving users the ability to add emoji buttons to their messages, which other users can then click on to express their reactions to messages.


Slack provides apps for Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone (beta) and released an official Windows client on 18 March 2015. Slack is also available for the Apple Watch, allowing users to send direct messages, see mentions, and make simple replies. It was featured on the home screen of the Apple Watch in a promotional video. Slack also provides a Web version accessible from a browser, and there is an unofficial client for Linux.