QEG Synopsis and Call For Experiments by James Robitaille. Technical Report.


I simply feel it is important to share this deeper technical information about the Quantum Energy Generator at this time.

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The Following is an update composed for the engineers working on the QEG written by James Robitaille. It can be found for comments and discussion at the following link on the be-do.com website link here:


Please Help us spread this valuable knowledge to all of those who are helping us co-develop the QEG. 

QEG Synopsis: 5-Feb-15
Update – Present Stage of QEG Development, Latest Findings, & Call for Experiments
From: James Robitaille / FTW HQ, Morocco

There is some detailed engineering included in the original document released in March of 2014, but as you know, there were a few mistakes and unintentional omissions. We’re in the process of updating the manual, as there is much new information since the original release. We’ve had at least 15 groups build the machine and successfully get to the point of resonance and producing power using only that original document. However, until the…

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