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The open-source One Community “Cob Village” design is an example of approaches being taken to create communities of natural ecoscapes for daily living. The Connectivist Collective has ecologically sustainable Healing and Relaxation Villages in its vision for various locations around the planet. There are many indications that this is a good idea. One can observe the stress levels in cities using one’s own senses, and one can listen to the many stories of those on the level of life between lives. This is why the author is organizing work around free energy, healing arts and natural building methods. It is a part of natural attunement, it is what is happening by not doing the many things one does ordinarily.

There seems to be a sequence of priorities for immediate survival necessities: shelter, warmth, water, food, energy, telecom…and it would be amazing to be able to understand how to build a hut in any place on the planet, as needed and available within the local ecology.



Instructional Literature:
$1 Kindle Cob Hut
 $10 PDF Alex Sumerall Cob House*


Relaxation – the core of the energy crisis


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What does the title mean? It means that we might consider including more of the significance of relaxation in energy matters. Perhaps relaxation, in all its aspects, is the missing link in understanding the energy crisis, while the popular focus is on doing more, using more energy.

I have been investigating how people live around initiatives concerning ecological sustainability and the practice of harmonious natural lifestyles.

I am working on designing a relaxation center franchise based on free advanced healing arts and free energy, in the literal sense of the three.

All of the above already exist despite an entire contemporary civilization built on foundations that prove otherwise. It is not my concern to prove or monetize anything. It is simply an aim that can emerge into something similar but not exact.

In my recent journeys I found those who welcomed me as part of various work exchanges were informed about recent general free energy disclosures. However, I have yet to meet anyone outside of these inner circles who realize that the way civilization understands and distributes power by means of electricity is at the core of the energy crisis and against the laws of nature because it is based on the commonly accepted paradigm of stress and destruction instead of relaxed collaboration. For a technical introduction please see the online public video: Suppression of Overunity systems: 34 Flaws in Maxwell’s Equations. If at anytime this video becomes unavailable, please contact me for a copy.