Lifestyles of Sustainability: new articles coming soon


A four-part article is in the works describing the universal interconnection of the philosophy, theory and practice of Vipassana meditation, Hatha Yoga, and Ayurveda. Remarkably, the modern healing modalities called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Reconnective Healing (The Reconnection) are also uniquely relevant.

These articles are being written in english and polish, with attention to the differences in spiritual and psychological knowledge between the cultures behind the languages. Most of the text has already been hand-written or drafted digitally.

The experiential aspects of the practice of these complimentary guiding paths form a sound foundation for personal realization on a universal level available to all people.

Personal care and relaxation is essential to excellent work. One may compare this to “free energy” of the human’s inner world. The connectivist collective supports a lifestyle of a firm grounding for growth.

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