Fundacja Keshe: Główne Polskie Warsztaty w Internecie



Oto główne odnośniki do stron internetowych gdzie można znaleść aktualne informacje w języku polskim na temat technologii z Fundacji Keshe.

Nauki Publiczne w Języku Polskim

Plazma Chat 24 i Plazma Chat Edu
Codzienne transmisje na żywo w Zoom

Poradnik – “Zastosowania Technologii Magrav”
20/08/16 – (NexusHash / TZM Polska / Keshe Group Poland)

Keshe Fundacja Polska

Pokolenie 3000
157: 3/11/16

KESHE, oraz podstawy plazmy
2333: 15/08/16, 5013: 3/11/16

Magravs-Power (Polska Grupa Robocza)
500: 15/08/16, 1350: 3/11/16

KFSSI Polska
1621: 4/11/16

Pokolenie 3000 – Składamy Magrav’a krok po kroku
538: 4/11/16

Polacy dla Keshe Foundation Polska – Zaawansowana Technologia dla Świata
3806: 4/11/16

Keshe Group Poland – Plazma Czaty (Youtube)


Ludzkość dla Keshe (Złote Lata GANSU)
Opis jak wykonać Magrav’a
2886: 4/11/16ść-dla-KESHE-1268707859813210/?fref=nf

Niezależna Telewizja

Porozmawiajmy TV

Monitor Polski
Działające urządzenie: 8/16


Radio na Fali (podcasty)
1273: 4/11/16 (archiwa)

Go To The Forest
1273: 4/11/16 *

1568: 4/11/16

Fundacja Keshe – Polska technologia przyszłości dla Ciebie
1072: 4/11/16łości-dla-Ciebie-160911214059650


Magravs-Power Poland – Grupa na Slack’u
Zaproszenie poprzez email: sandbox + @ + meshcode + .ca

Polskie Forum KFSSI
1436 odwiedzeń: 4/11/16

Polska Grupa Tlumaczy Nowych Informacji Naukowych
13: 4/11/16

Magravs-Power Distribution and Sales Poland
58: 4/11/16

Energia Plazmowa – Produkty Zdrowotne Fundacji Keshe
115: 3/11/16

KESHE – sprzedam/kupię/warsztaty i szkolenia
233: 3/11/16

Keshe – Śląsk, Warsztaty Budowy Magrava
223: 4/11/16

Magravs-Power (Sekcja Wrocław)
278: 4/11/16

Magravs- Power (Sekcja Legnica)
9: 15/11/16

Keshe F. – sympatycy Warszawa
232: 15/11/16

Zdjęcia w tym artukule zostały pobrane ze strony facebook “Go To The Forest“.


Digital poll collaboration on Magravs-Power Systems in Poland


Poll Results as of August 2016

The following are significant poll results from a polish facebook group working on the Keshe Foundation’s Magravs-Power Systems in Poland.

There are at least 40 people building Magravs-Power Units. About 15 people have working devices. These numbers were 25% higher but dropped mid-summer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are questions pertaining to the safety and use of GANS. There is little interest in separating the various applications of the disclosed plasma technology: much of the discussions and sharing overlap the health products with the energy systems. People are looking for improving the digital collaborative tools used in conversations but the best ones are limiting due to a lack of translated programs such as “slack”.

People are aware of the better polish channels of information. There is a list of these in my public google document regarding KFSSI Magravs-Power Plasma Generator distribution. These are various trusted alternative news sources. The most interest is found in the possibility of organizing public demonstrations of working prototypes as well as workshops. These are already happening:

Due to a lack of existing translations from the english language knowledge of the Global Disclosure movement headed by Dr. Steven Greer is low. Knowledge of the Quantum Energy Generator project by the Fix The World Organization is very low. This is primarily due to the higher costs of assembly with the QEG. Some information does exist and is being carefully digested:

The Quantum Energy Generator – Part 3 of 5: Practice


The Quantum Energy Generator
Part 3 of 5: Practice.

The QEG is a successfully built device

The Fix the World organization has developed a three-phase building approach for the Quantum Energy Generator teams: “resonance”, “over-unity”, and “self-sustaining”. Many countries have reached the first phase, some have passed the second, and it is certain that at least two have completed the final build phase. As of November 2015 it is still risky to build a “self-sustaining” power unit anywhere in the world unless the device is open-sourced, crowdfunded and available transnationally in a co-development environment. Live broadcasting of major achievements is also essential when many people are ready to listen.

[ July 10th, 2016 update: Selling the open-source QEG and TeslaGen prototypes ]

Phase 1 of 3, “Resonance”, Completed March 2014:

The amazing story of the QEG build in Morocco.QEG Marocco resonance - connectivist collective - nov 2015 _aouchtam_Morocco-QEG-crew_600
Resonance in Morocco ]
(the above image is the original Aouchtam team)

Phase 2 of 3, “Over-Unity”, Completed mid-2014:
Life after Over-Unity.QEG overunity - conectivist collective - 2015 _engineersOver-Unity in Morocco ]
(the above image is from the UK over-unity build)

Phase 3 of 3, “Self-Sustaining”, Completed anew in 2015:
QEG Phase 3 Complete.

[ See also: USA “Self-Running” WITTS demonstration circa 2008 ]

The innovations that can be applied to the advancement of the QEG are numerous. By nature of the co-development paradigm, further innovations depend on the creative expression of the engineers and inventors that are working on the QEG.

[ Public Service Announcement ]

QEG Phase 3 complete - connectivist collective - nov 2015 _150712_QEG_phase3-complete_350
The Fix The World organization has published a step-by step detailed procedure for tuning the machine to enable self-sustaining with additional power output:

QEG Tuning & Technical Update Parts 1,2 and 3,
and the QEG Theory of Operation

With this final piece the FTW is now closing the public project of the QEG.  For the FTW QEG family team, further innovations for the QEG and its development will be conducted in a privatized manner. Engineers and the public now have everything they need to replicate the QEG on their own.

FTW has created a support platform for transnational co-development in order to have many successful build groups broadcasting live from the final build stages.


How much does a QEG cost?

The QEG is a prototype, which means it is still in development and there is no fixed price for a finished product. Any skilled engineer can use the free open-sourced QEG manual to gather all the different components from various suppliers around the world. To build a QEG one needs to purchase all the parts, have a workspace to build, and have a variety of mechanical tools for testing and measuring.

FTW does not sell QEGs, mass manufacture QEGs, or play a decision making role in any small business group that sells or manufatures QEGs.

Where can I buy a QEG?

It is not possible to purchase a built QEG from a supplier at this time. It is possible to build a QEG on one’s own or to hire a builder. One can use the manual to source the parts.

The QEG is open-sourced. The FTW is not selling a product, but is providing opportunities which offer compensation for the time spent on realizing the project. That is why the organization is charging for books, classes and consultations.

“While we have freely given the build manual (now available in 4 languages) away to the world, the QEG journey has not made us wealthy. So like many people who have to exchange the value of their time and work for money, this is the case for us.  We have put thousands of hours into creating supplemental materials to the open-sourced build manual, but a skilled engineer could build the device with just the manual. Others may need more help. We cannot work for free and offer high quality materials for the DIY engineer and other alternative energy advocates.”

Quantum Energy Generator Disclosure Documents

QEG build manual v4 - connectivist collective - nov 2015 _28abab7de1bf5b470fb31f448dacad04
The Open Source (patent-free) QEG Build Manual – third edition.
This is the complete QEG manual. As of November 2015, at is available in the following languages: english, french, italian, chinese, and spanish.

Technical Updates 1, 2, 3 with supplementary guidance.

4th Edition QEG Manual ($100).
This is the third edition manual (also available separately and free of charge) with all three updates (also available separately and free of charge) compacted into one package.

eBook Build Manual translations. and the “QEG Rosetta Stone” crowdfunding campaing.

QEG spanish manual - connectivist collective - nov 2015 _spanish-pic

QEG CAD drawings designed and generously donated to FTW by Ivan Rivas, 3D Senior Designer and Consultant. [ Email ]

Diagram ‘END PANELS WIRING’ designed and generously donated to FTW by Tivon Rivers, Engineer. [ Website ]

FTW QEG quantum energy generator - manual - 5 june 2015 - pg 26 - qeg schematic - connectivist collective

FTW QEG: [ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ]

FTW QEG: [ For Beginners (Summary of Links) ]

Source QEG Facebook Pages

QEG FB discussion group screenshot - connectivist collective - nov 2015

FTW QEG Discussion ] [ Be-Do QEG ]
FTW QEG ] [ List of QEG Facebook Pages ]

Source QEG Skype Networks

QEG Network ] [ QEG Network Q & A ]

The Mini QEG

QEG and QEG mini - connectivist collective - 2014 _qegandqegmini_lg
The Mini QEG (1 kW) is an experimental development platform. Its smaller size makes it possible to change things around using smaller parts, enabling more of a rapid-prototyping approach.

Mini QEG in Hungary ] [ Mini QEG in Japan ]

Assembly of The Mini QEG ] (video)

Quantum Energy Generator 3D videos

QEG 3D capture - connectivist collective - nov 2015 _qeg-pic

QEG core ] [ QEG introduction ] [ QEG design ] [ QEG core flux gating ]

Countries officially building the Quantum Energy Generator

Note: many countries have groups forming at the foundational level. Such teams are spreading information without any building activity.

QEG CICUs - connectivist collective - nov 2015 _qeg-global-cicu-collage
Be-Do .com A central news portal for the global QEG movement.

[ Youtube Channel ] [ Forum ] [ Meet-up Contacts ]
Cottage Industry Community Units  (CICUs)]

Quantum Energy Generator .com – a secondary domain and news repository for QEG builders.

List of Countries with Quantum Energy Generator builds


Technical Institute A. Malignani of Udine ] [ video ]

[ resonance video ] [ El Inceible Motor QEG ] [ ] ]

South Africa
[ video ]

with James Robitaille ] [ QEG CICU family ] [ Resonance ]

QEG Bangladesh ]

(A group in Dongguan)
[ QEG China ]

QEG Guadalupe - connectivist collective - nov 2015_BxtYtvqIcAAJ_Sj

[ Resonance ]

[ 2015 workshop host ]

[ QEG Project Slovenia ]

[ QEG Deutschland mit Plasmafunkenstrecke ]
QEG Forum ]
QEG Germany – Free QEG Construction Open Sources Manual (EN) ]

[ QEG Hungary 2014 07 23 ]

QEG Ukraine part 1 КЭГ Квантовый Энерго Генератор первая примерка ]

United Kingdom
[ Resonance ]
[ Quantum Energy Generator – private UK build ]

[ Team QEG Sweden ]

[ QEG Poland Facebook Group ]
[ 2014 Disclosure Group “Lud Wody Ognistej” – Facebook Group ]
[ QEG Poland on Slack (collaborative network platform) ]
QEG Poland Group on LinkedIn ]

[ QEG Canada website (offline) ]
[ QEG Toronto website (offline) ]
[ QEG Toronto Facebook Page (fans) ]
[ QEG Toronto Facebook Group (work) ]
[ QEG Tofino Facebook Group (work) ]
[ QEG Canada on Skype: “QEGGERS Across Canada“]
[ Failed Vancouver QEG Crowdfunding Campaign]

[ Failed Australian QEG Crowdfunding Campaign ]

[ Failed USA QEG Crowdfunding Campaign ]

[ QEG Europe on Slack (collaborative network platform) ]
[ Balkans Crowdfunding Campaign ]


Special Notice: “The Odyssevs project in Ellas Greece is building their QEG from the ground up with an impeccable level of care and higher consciousness. Odyssevs is a group of currently sixteen simple residents of Chania Crete and two from Athens plus a humanitarian group called Peace Farm, for a total of nineteen members.”

QEG Odyssevs Winder 1st Try ] QEG Greece: Odyssevs Ellas ]

George Kodar QEG Greece Youtube channel ]
(includes KFSSI magrav plasma coil work.)

This article is part 3 of 5:  The Quantum Energy Generator: Practice.

Part 1: The Quantum Energy Generator: Philosophy.
Part 2: The Quantum Energy Generator: Theory.
Part 4: The Quantum Energy Generator: Store and Academy.
Part 5: The Quantum Energy Generator: The Bright Side.

This article series in the Connectivist Collective blog continues to be edited after publication because the philosophy, theory and practice of disseminating information about the QEG offers many opportunities for learning. Much of the information pertaining to the FTW or the QEG is copied or paraphrased from source materials. Knowledge has been edited to summarize the essence of the project.

Finding, not Seeking: the significance of self-organization



It is intelligence that brings order, not discipline.” J. Krishnamurti

There are many paths to one’s center, many options in the everyday experience. Personal organization helps to cross inner and outer bridges in order to realize a journey. This in turn flourishes completely new worlds, wherever one is, whatever one does. Yes, this is supposed to sound mystical.

It may not be one’s intellect or discipline that makes one good at something seemingly complex. A part of it is the inner ability of seeing, of expanding and contracting views, or simplifying and moving along at a corresponding individual pace. Everyone is innately capable of this type of journeying. Being good at any one thing, is this. Experiencing impermanence is a deeper aspect. Later comes the leisurely movement amidst seemingly complex realms. Still sound mysterious?

In a few words, this blog post is about the ability to maintain a wide vision as a connectivist healing arts practitioner within the free energy movement. What does that mean, and how can I hold focus on such a weaving sentence structure, not to mention live the meaning of it? The following text is an attempt at describing a certain process I use intuitively which might be given the name of “self-organization”.

There are many parallel realities but here we can focus on the two primary ones: the physical reality we appreciate with the ordinary senses and virtual reality. The virtual one we can temporarily define as the digital-technological documentation of the physical.

There is a need for personal virtual organization on the Internet. This might have arisen out of the lack of understanding of new media and the current digital technologies as they pertain to human psychology. People use technology as if it did not matter how it is being used. What comes out of this behavior? It seems we are approaching a time when enough people are connected to all the information needed to transform civilization yet we are not organized enough to do anything about it.

As with everything that is out of line, this is primarily due to ignorance of oneself. Beyond that, practically speaking, it is due to the speed of technological advancement which disregards everything other than financial gain and militarization to protect financial gain.

Alwaysthemore, in order to represent oneself digitally online, one must actually know one’s real self. What is it like to use the internet after an hour of self-contemplation? Virtual presence helps in self-organization, in life plans, if one is clear about oneself. This in turn helps one find anything needed, or stated differently, it allows for the seeking to be “founded”.

If one feels like asking the Internet about a cure for any particular disease, one may find it. If one feels that the answer to the free energy riddle can be solved with a little more information, one may ask. Yet one has to be very precise and very clear with the question. Very few people ask precise questions or provide precise answers online. Organization has benefits for oneself and for others.

Personal digital organization is an art, a craft, a science, a part of a way of life. Organization in this sense is the corresponding alignment of one’s virtual assets according to life plans, as they pertain to the general welfare of all life. Usually one has an organization that mimics the ordinary mental state. Is the ordinary mental state the best approach to self-organization?

One can be interested in evolving as a normal human being, and this is possible, despite contemporary psychology obscuring this fact. Organization plays a role in personal development of the highest magnitude. This is about seeing reality as it is: we live during the beginning stages of the merging of advanced science and advanced spirituality in daily life. Failure to recognize this may be at one’s own peril amidst the disorganized misinformation keeping entire cultures in ignorance, fear, lack, and limitation.

We have been given everything, and we simply need to attune, in order for the organization to happen. “Attuning” in the sense of Edgar Cayce’s definition, found in this well organized book documenting his experiential wisdom: Channeling the Higher Self.

Electricity, electronic devices and related technologies are not what is commonly known about them through the popular crowd-sourced Wikipedia. These scientific advancements are much more than we can imagine, and it will be some years before the truth about them and their origin and potential is disclosed. For now we can focus on practical little things.

On a frequently used personal computer, whether smartphone, tablet, desktop or any other – the desktop screens and hard-drive contents are approximations of how one relates to one’s own mental contents. The same with all applications in which one participates through various networks. Online networks can be seen to exemplify relationships, but that is a deeper study.

One may think that the association of the desktop with the virtual desktop is an old one, and has no significance, since everything is going according to plans and always has, independent of this observation. Naturally, if one is scattered so may be the desktop, whether virtual or other. For some people, scattering is conductive to excellent work. This depends on many factors such as lifestyle and need for a connection to the various depths of the mind. It is known through kindergarten spiritual schools of all pure, universal, non-sectarian origins, that the subconscious level of the deeper mind is the real consciousness and carries the root of all personal misery.  It is possible to emerge out of the perpetuation of personal misery by accessing one’s own subconscious. As such, there is a need in everyone to use the deepest part of the mind. That If one wishes to grow up and move forward, one’s self organization may call for a more conscious approach, and a little bit of suffering, and perhaps little bit of unpaid work.

As of the spring of 2015, the American transnational defense corporation which leads the online social networks race is Facebook. For a company with unlimited means and top engineers, it offers very little in personal organization. This is for economic and security reasons. Facebook itself uses advanced organizational tools in combination with various data mining techniques for control and profit. Covert agencies use these on even higher grounds. Organizational algorithm design at elite companies is one of the highest paid software positions. Sentences from this blog are being read by their virtual robot “spiders” and noted.

Alwaysthemore, few people experience the advantages of organization and so few people ask for better organization in their daily lives. If the power of possible organizational features were known, there might be a rapid downfall of the entire macroeconomic system, most likely because open-source free energy devices would emerge. Most of the movement of money is related to payment for energy at some point. There is evidence that we have not had to pay for energy for at least 100 years. Some people got very well organized early on and took control by keeping everything for themselves. Evidently, humanity has little notion about the power of intelligent organization. This is due to the widespread tolerance of misery, of the way things are.

Taking the first step to organize one’s virtual online presence is essential. Especially at this time when there is still a bit of freedom. Online participation can be null, plentiful or selective, but it can save a life somewhere. Or it can injure and kill others through carelessness. It is my personal prolonged observation that quite possibly millions of people have died and continue to die simply because of misinformation, lack of clarity, miscommunication, and misunderstanding of very basic information. Most of it due to an added misunderstanding of technology, and a lack of responsibility on the part of technological corporations. How many times has everyone had an email or text message get erased or simply not arrive at a destination? People die because of such events but at that point, blame does not help and is worthless. Some deaths are caused by profiteering companies who will not, for example, install a cellular antenna for a starving remote village for anything under a 1000 times profit. I know from my foundational studies of wireless telecommunications engineering that ten years ago already it cost a few hundred dollars maximum to install a cellphone tower for an entire city block, yet these are soften old for tens of thousands of dollars if not more.

Choose contacts and subscriptions based on attuned priorities. These can be adapted as we move along in life. Facebook now has standalone apps for groups, pages and messenger. These work best when one is in a state of wide-vision-clarity.

Here is a screenshot (May 2015) of the Facebook group app, with some of my currently favorite groups. These  will shift over time but in this way I can immediately check on messages that pertain to the “day at hand”, in this case, information surrounding local natural building initiatives setting up for spring workshops.


Setting priorities and making decisions are some of the most significant aspects of human life. Yet it can be unnecessarily challenging to have hundreds of likes, follows, subscriptions, joins, groups, invitations, birthdays, interest lists, favorites, pages and so on. One may also have multiple smartphones and various devices with multiple personalities online. I maintain at least a few professional personalities for totally different fields, a few personal ones, some experimental ones, and certainly silly ones. On Facebook I have 11 pages for my various interests and audiences. Very few party monkeys want to hear about my latest free energy research, and few nerds want to hear about my favorite Gangsta’ Hip Hop, so I fulfill my main timeline with only a general friendly feed for friends and family. I do know this should not matter but it does on a wider scope across virtual time and space, and also in the personal psychology of a “follower” who then begins to have a coherent virtual image of me as opposed to a scattered one. If one wants to, one can tune in to my other personalities.

And here is a little secret bridge to another realm: when one is not attached or not identified with who one is or what one does, it is possible to swim quite freely in life. One sees very many new things. This often seems like a lack of passion, lack of ambition, disinterest or aversion of others. No. That would be a misunderstanding of a higher order organization of one’s life. Quite the opposite is true. Such a person has a much higher passion of a different quality. I will leave the rest a mystery for now.

Over the years I have had multiple blogs for varying audiences. My email system requires that I have multiple emails. My primary email has a dozen folders and sometimes a dozen subfolders each. If one organizes these based on personal attunement, then this can enable thriving, growing up. Otherwise it may be the onset of scattered lunacy or simply a life full of failures and inability to do anything. Btter self-organization would be a part of the solution.

Intelligence emerges out of alignment with natural law, with oneself and the way things are. One can do anything with the corresponding organization, at the level of all possible realms, not merely the physical and virtual. Still sound mysterious?

Let’s get into practicals. The following video is a brief documentation of my organization at a particular time in my life. I do not normally rush and speak as shown, but here I spend twenty (20) minutes merely describing the papers on which the method of organization is written down, with no word on the actual contents! This is an ongoing experiment and the application fluctuates. I feel I am gaining a tremendous sense of clarity in life and fast approaching a point where I can drop the organization because it flows naturally, even for my very complex lifestyle.

On a final note, the following might not make any sense because it is new information I have been receiving for a while. I quote myself from a state of deeper seeing: “Inner understanding and experience of chaos can allow one to travel knowingly as intelligence, through anything, even technological objects anywhere in time and space. I say this especially in regards to electronic technologies. Knowing how one’s true psychology functions, one can journey through oneself and connect with other intelligences. This is not the psychology taught at the top contemporary schools or studied by popular intelligence culture, but the real psychology. See my audio recordings titled, “Five Lectures“. I have seen reported extraterrestrial intelligence tap into smartphone technology which I somehow understood as being able to travel through the material science and physics at a distance by advanced mental telescience and understanding of the total functioning of such a device, hacking remotely, thus having electromagnetic accessability to it because one’s ability has a deeper primal origin than electromagnetism. In the language of the CSETI foundation, this might be called technology-assisted-consciousness or consciousness-assisted technology, depending on the intention of transmission. In connection with extraterrestrial intelligence, it is a known occurance to thousands of people that electronic devices “misbehave” around the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence. I have seen this personally around certain ET people and at various higher consciousness healing arts conferences.”

High Strangeness: The Imperative of Consciousness on FB



I am in the process of writing many other posts which correspond more to the healing arts and free energy movement. However, in order to maintain transparency in this line of work, I must publish all strange interactions in all fields as they happen, including telecommunications events. This is the second in the series and it is brief.

My primary google mail account is acting funny, out of line. It suddenly switched to french, so my search results are now in that language, and my email programs require me to reset my password. I had to provide gmail with my telephone number, and therefore GPS coordinates in order to do so. Yet the problem remains unresolved. This comes on the day that two of my distinctly separate internet connections are about to terminate in a regular fashion until I pay for the next rounds. They have not yet terminated but I find this strange timing to be noticeable in that intuitive way.

This comes within hours after noticing that facebook will not post a certain document out of “safety” concerns. I shared this finding on a facebook group and confirmed with others that something is fishy.

I also emailed a few people on the public network map of CE-5 ambassadors, people whom I do not know and assume to be legitimate.

The mentioned document is one from a collection of texts available from the Center of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) website, written by Dr. Greer, titled, “The Imperative of Consciousness”. Try sharing it on facebook and see what happens:

Why this is so remains a mystery today on the CE-5 Initiative facebook group with 5000 members.

It is relatively easy to mentate about the kind of corporations Google and Facebook are and who may sit above them. Some of this is necessary, but to what extent?

Maybe this is nothing, but such reports are absolutely necessary in all directions. If the virtual automaton-algorithm knows that I open source everything as it happens, it can only act in this light.

MK google account temporary disable