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New Platform seeks Assistance

“The Sky is High” is a niche crowdfunding platform designed to assist in the co-development of open-sourced New Energy technologies. The creator has just launched an Enterprise Activation Campaign on “Fundrazr” in order to inspire the public to help fund the final stages of website development. The official launch date is planned for mid October 2016. For this campaign there are perks available based on the levels of contribution.

Promotional Video and Excerpt

“Hello builders, makers, hackers and energy tycoons! This is Mateusz from the Sky is High Crowdfunding. Our product is a niche platform designed to assist in the co-development of open-sourced New Energy technologies.” We have just released a beta version of our website:

Now it is possible to contribute to open-source energy technology campaigns.

This is just the beginning. Our own “Enterprise Activation Campaign” is a project by which we plan to raise funds for the final stage of website development. We need your assistance. Be a part of the movement and help us raise $650 for the activation of the Enterprise version of The Sky is High!

We are not implementing future competition with our host, the excellent Fundrazr, or any other platform. We simply wish to offer specialized services to people who require deeper understanding of open digital financing in the field of New Energy technologies.

An extended version of this platform would enable the public to create their own projects.

Links for The Sky is High Crowdfunding

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[ Owner’s LinkedIn Profile

The QEG and a Portable Water Powered Generator


QEGandQEGmini_LGThe above image shows the QEG and the QEG “mini”. The Quantum Energy Generator is a fuel-less generator whereas the GDS Technologies system is powered by water. Both can be made in portable versions.

This article touches upon the differences between the successfully built QEG from and the promised WPG from

A previous blog entry describing the Portable Water Powered Generator has aroused more interest on this site than all the QEG blog entries, despite a lack of release.

The QEG is a working open-sourced, crowdfunded and transnationally co-developped device. It is a transitional example ending the lack of public “free energy” with a first working prototype. This device has also initiated a movement through which people have built their own fuelless generators.

The WPG is a promised intellectual property being sold as a complete product developed by one company.


The above is a screenshot from the GDS Technologes website in 2014.

All documentation exists online for the QEG along with many people available to help research and build. This includes the lead scientists. The GDS Technologies website has been changed a few times and is in a continued state of construction as the promised product is being developed.

As of September 4th 2015, the GDS Technologies main page states the following:

“We are currently delayed and behind schedule. We are getting our unit tested and certified by a third party North American company. We are in the process of getting performance and safety testing done which is crucial for the warranty purposes. This is our last update until early September before we can release the product to the public.

As you know, it is impossible to create energy out of 4 gallons of water. We have developed a way to enhance the high volume of energy required with our components all working together.

Thank you.”

The following is a brochure from a previous website version:

GDS Technologies – Water Powered Generator – PDF Brochure

Meanwhile, the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) project has a main website, a blog, a forum, facebook pages, youtube channels, twitter accounts, skype chat rooms, open-sourced working theory documentation with build manuals, an e-book, a home study course, webinars and workshops, a complete builder’s package, crowdfunding events, an online store, translation campaigns, an online TV show, memberships, donations and charity work. This is merely the core team effort. Certain countries have their own initiatives which support this collaborative free energy QEG movement. Here is one in Spain:

Why the interest in the Water Powered Generator when the Quantum Energy Generator does not require fuel and similarly outputs at least 3 kW – 15 kW?

September 23rd “Intuitive Science” UPDATE:

It appears that certain metaphysics disclosures parallel the development of certain “new energy” devices such as those powered by water. Science and spirituality are converging at a practical merging point. For example, the new frequency shifts on the planet are altering the physical realm at the cellular level of DNA. The Schumann frequency is related to the hovering of many insects through resonance. Water molecules themselves are being affected. Thus, what was known about water in 2010, is not what can be measured about water in October of 2015 and beyond. Please check the stability of your water molecules before assuming that a portable water powered generator is not possible.

November 7th “Intuitive Science” UPDATE:
These water-powered generators run on ordinary tap water with no relation to the above mentioned metaphysical possibilities.

[ November 2014: GDS Technologies announces Portable Water-Powered Generators ]

[ October 2015: GDS Technologies releases Water-Powered Emmissionless Generators ]

Przykładowy Wniosek o Dofinansowanie Fazy Budowniczej GEK


Przykładowo wnosimy o zfinansowanie zakupu części niezbędnych do budowy Generatora Energii Kwantowej w Polsce. Szacowany koszt zakupu części wynosi około 18000zł.

Po osiągnięciu stanu używalności GEK (takiego jak w przypadku innych międzynarodowych konstrukcji 12), planujemy zaoferować go grupie pracującej nad odrodzeniem Sokołowska, miasteczka w południowo-zachodniej części Polski:

Pomoże to zaopatrzyć jego mieszkańców w 30kW uzupełniającej energii przeznaczonej dla lokalnego centrum leczniczego. Zapewni to stabilność pracy i zarobku jego pracownikom.

Ten Generator Energii Kwantowej (GEK) został nazwany po „Generatorze Elektrycznym” Nikoli Tesli: US patent 511,916 – 2 Styczeń 1894. i US patent 390,414 – 2 Październik 1888., tzw. „Dynamo-Maszyna Elektryczna”.

Pierwotnie opublikowany przez Sir Timothy Thrapp’a z organizacji “World Improvement Through the Spirit Ministries” (WITTS), GEK został następnie udostępniony publicznie przez „HopeGirl” z organizacji “Fix The World” (FTW):

Pierwsze kroki rezonansu („resonance”), czyli wprowadzenia urządzenia do stanu nastrojonego, umożliwjającego wytwarzania energii, oraz dalsze postępy przy wytwarzaniu nadmiar energii („over-unity”) zostały udokumentowane.

Wszelkie zmiany i ulepszenia są wciąż dokumentowane i udostępniane. Detale poszczególnych części mogą ulegać zmianie. Sukces w umożliwieniu własnego-napędu (self-running) i upowszechnianiu instrukcji zależy od dzisiejszego rozwóju darmowej, wolnej, czystej energii z próżni do którego Polska Grupa GEK może się dołączyć.

Poprzedni sukces finansowania GEK:

Pierwsza budowa GEK była finansowana w trzech fazach. Poniżej jest raport wydatków:

Pierwszy GEK został skonstruowany w Aouchtamie, w Maroku, pod koniec marca tego roku (2014):



first QEG crowdfund saved website screenshot


12 Aby dowiedzieć się jak to funkcjonuje w innych krajach odwiedź blog „Fix the World” założony przez HopeGirl w 2012 roku, odzyskane 14 września 2014:

 strona 7 / 8