Translations of disclosure information (EN/PL)- #1



Kamień z Rosetty – The Rosetta Stone

It is apparent that information does not exist in the same way online for various cultures and nations. In terms of the free energy movement, today there seems to be more information available in english than in polish. Translations are ongoing but due to the nature of the subject, it is primarily freelancers on lunch breaks who seem to be involved. The quality of information often lacks in deeper substance, or something I would call “experienced inspiration”.

As an example, Ripsonar has created some of the best english-to-polish transcriptions of more recent video material from the transnational disclosures in various fields. The Ripsonar website and Ripsonar youtube channel make a strong foundational starting point for further research and one’s own healthy skepticism:

The Lud Wody Ognistej website also attempts to summarize the disclosure movement, moving from english to polish. There are listed documents and videos on the above website that need translation.

On may 20th 2015, a polish translation of a deeper version of the free energy situation was published on the Wolna Polska website.

An attempt has been made to initiate translations of Tom Bearden’s summaries of the proof of concept of energy from the active vacuum. A crowdfunding incentive was put into action on the polish crowdfunding site The crowdfunding company requested permissions to the original texts. The author looked for personal contact to Tom Bearden and having found none, contacted the webmaster for Tom’s website. Here is a screenshot of the email correspondence:

MMK Bearden translation permission contact attempt

So we have permission, we simply need time and money for basic necessities of the specialized technical translators who require a corresponding environment and care during their time at work. Some of the more significant sources of documents are the CSETI Sirius Disclosure website: and Tom Bearden’s website:

We also have Clerk Maxwell’s original textbook equations which describe the connections to the “missing” physics of free energy. The following is an example page:

Maxwell p5 JPG copy

The Fix the World organization is currently crowdfunding translations of the Quantum Energy Generator disclosure into a prioritized list of ten languages. They call it the Rosetta Stone Project. The Chinese language was completed in the last week of May 2015, as of the first week of June, work is underway on the Spanish translation.