Lighting the New Energy Lifestyle


With the progress of new, clean, fuel-less energy sources to power our daily lives, LED lighting is one parallel technological development which is already here to be applied as a practical alternative for those wishing to live an ecologically sustainable lifestyle. Two energy efficient new energy generator prototypes which can be used to power many home lighting conditions are the open-sourced FTW Quantum Energy Generator and the KFSSI Magravs-Power Plasma Generator.

“In today’s environmentally-conscious society, more and more people are taking measures to decrease their carbon footprint. Each measure that each individual takes to preserve the Earth’s environment makes a difference, and one small measure that everyone can take is to adopt environmentally-friendly lighting solutions.

By simply switching the types of lights that you use in your home or business to ones that utilize less energy, you could significantly reduce your negative energy consumption impact on the environment. In addition the positive impact you’d be having on the environment, there are also plenty of other benefits associated with switching to more environmentally-friendly lighting products. For instance, many of these types of products tend to last longer than their counterparts, and because of their longer life span, you won’t have to replace them as often. This, in turn, means that you’ll save money not only on energy costs, but on replacement costs as well.

Switching to LED lights is one of the most popular measures that cities across the world are taking to further the Green movement, and you can contribute as well by making the same switch.” –

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The featured article image is a screenshot from a youtube video by LifeHack2012 seen in the CSETI film “Sirius Disclosure” (2013).

Energy Expenses: Tiny homes in the Algarve



With an eye out for free energy applications, I am currently on a work-exchange program helping with marking a home and permaculture garden construction site in the rural Algarve region north of the ocean-side Albufeira, in Portugal.

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The type of work varies, as do the organization:, and

Some work examples are the following: renovations, permaculture maintenance, organization, and various other physical labors.

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The following is the type of information I am gathering common to the first locations. It is not new data. I believe that some of the people I meet who manage to maintain their ecologically sustainable practices, can have the opportunities to apply the emerging free energy devices within the next few years.

Heat is by means of fireplace and local dry wood from the land. There is a mini gas stove, with a preference to fireplace whenever possible. Water is connected to a neighbor and has an attached meter. Electrical is connected to a neighbor and has a meter there. Not precise but works by arranged agreement. No water heating other than by sunlight into coiled hose. Also helpful would be added water pressure.

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Most food is bought but the land is being prepared for a garden, almost a small farm. Other expenses are transport fuel (gasoline), and telecommunications with their power systems. Power tools needed for the construction also consume energy. Next in price is the food itself.


If one goes back in time, it all seems to have existed:

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Konkurs na stosowanie 40kW Darmowej, Wolnej, Czystej Energii z Próżni



Lud Wody Ognistej oraz Polska Grupa GEK zaprasza do wzięcia udziału w konkursie na najlepszy pomysł stosowania 40kW Czystej Energii z Próżni:

Gdzie najlepiej zastosować pierwszy Generator Energii Kwantowej o wydajności 40kW?

Po osiągnięciu stanu używalności Generatora Energii Kwantowej, Polska Grupa GEK planuje zaoferować urządzenie według złożenia zwycięzcy konkursu. Można wziąć udział poprzez formularz powyżej, poprzez komentarz na stronie facebook’a QEG Poland – Polska Grupa GEK, lub poprzez e-mail i witryne internetową