Designing Crowdfunding Platforms for Sustainable Lifestyles


This is a work update after a seemingly inactive period on this blog: my silences are usually a sign of communication with the subconscious in the process of digestion and incubation.

Recently I have started a crowdfunding platform design business. This new sole proprietorship is registered in Canada as “The Sky is High Crowdfunding”. All developed platforms will evolve around the theme of sustainable lifestyles. The first is centered around campaigns for new energy research and development. It is called “The Sky is High” because of the nature of the undertaking currently in its draft stage.

Draft Front-End Screenshots

MMK theskyishigh roughdraft screenshot aug12 2016 v1

MMK tsih pt2

Design Stages Achieved

I am designing all of this by myself without any assistance or funding. If you wish it is possible to donate throught the link in the left-side menu on this blog. Some of the steps already taken in the development process include:

  • Registering the business.
  • Creating a new bank account.
  • Creating a verified Paypal payment gateway.
  • Registering as a domain.
  • Selected wordpress as a Content Management System for its global reputation.
  • Purchased the IgnitionDeck Plugin with the shortcodes.
  • Purchased the Backer WordPress Theme with its shortcodes.
  • Initial concept design (reviewed principles, CSS, Google Fonts, Colors, Layout…etc)
  • Selected significant content (text, image, video)

Draft Back-End Screenshot

MMK tsih pt3

Release Date and First Campaigns

The release date for The Sky is High crowdfunding platform for New Energy projects is the start of Fall 2016.

The first ongoing campaign will be for the activation of the “Enterprise Version” of the platform which will enable the public submission of projects.

The first project campaigns will center around the three most popular open-source New Energy sources available in the english language: The 20+ years of disclosure work from the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), the work by the Fix The World Organization and their Quantum Energy Generator (QEG), and the Keshe Foundation’s Magravs-Plasma Power Units.

One of the primary directions is the translation of all the necessary information from english to polish.

Two Inspiring Links

We The Trees – crowdfunding change: start and support environmental, social change, and educational campaigns.

Spacehive – crowdfunding civic projects in your community.

MMK wethetrees screenshot wug 12 2016

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