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Natural Cob Home


Rocket Mass Heater


Home Garden


Open Source Telecommunications
(“FabFi” example)


Free Energy
(“QEG” example)


The open-source One Community “Cob Village” design is an example of approaches being taken to create communities of natural ecoscapes for daily living. The Connectivist Collective has ecologically sustainable Healing and Relaxation Villages in its vision for various locations around the planet. There are many indications that this is a good idea. One can observe the stress levels in cities using one’s own senses, and one can listen to the many stories of those on the level of life between lives. This is why the author is organizing work around free energy, healing arts and natural building methods. It is a part of natural attunement, it is what is happening by not doing the many things one does ordinarily.

There seems to be a sequence of priorities for immediate survival necessities: shelter, warmth, water, food, energy, telecom…and it would be amazing to be able to understand how to build a hut in any place on the planet, as needed and available within the local ecology.



Instructional Literature:
$1 Kindle Cob Hut
 $10 PDF Alex Sumerall Cob House*


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