Two Healing Arts and the Free Energy Movement



The Reconnection (Reconnective Healing) and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

There are many connections between these two healing arts and the free energy movement. It is no coincidence that I learned to facilitate these at a time when I was first learning about the free energy disclosures.

Through both modalities one can experience the non-local nature of the fabric of space-time as well as negative entropy, both of which directly prove that popular contemporary physics are incomplete. One suggested approach for skeptics is to participate in the experience.

These approaches reconnect a person to a more evolved daily functioning and sense of self. In this way, many of the people who are here to help with the free energy movement gain their own personal free energy to do so.

Both Reconnective Healing and Quantum Healing Hypnosis work for the most appropriate corresponding harmony of the client and those involved. Healings happen in many forms and all known diseases have been cured with these approaches. Documentation exists in international media and news. However, while one million people may know, there are 8 billion people on the planet who do not, and some who are trying to stop the information.

Much of the disclosure pertaining to extraterrestrial intelligence is complimentary to the healing arts which these modalities represent: a multidimensional reconnection with oneself, one’s real consciousness (the subconscious), which is connected to the entire universe, in a sort of supraterrestrial circut. Through such healing we learn experientially about things that the intellectual surface part of the mind ignores, rejects and does not understand.

Foremost, we learn directly that we are magnificent spiritual beings having a human experience.  It may be advisable to consider a ten day course of pure, universal and non-sectarian Vipassana Meditation for a comprehensive kindergarten introduction to being human. For the author’s deeper experiences in this direction please see the blog post “A Kind of Man“.

At some point, it becomes obvious that extraterrestrial spacecraft are advanced energy and propulsion systems based on the understanding of the universe in tune with natural laws. They operate on principles of free energy. That is why they are called “unidentified flying objects”.

With the hypnosis technique all clients can be regressed to their past lives for the sake of understanding today’s challenges and healing directions. Some people who do not have past lives on this planet are here for the first time. Some have past lives elsewhere and have come here as waves of volunteers to assist in the current transitions. Such people often recognize each other and sometimes share a common mission. For some, this might be the advancement of the technological sciences leading to ubiquitous free energy. Meanwhile, some are here simply to be.

A deeper understanding of the philosophy and theory of these two healing arts exists on my website:  Being Imaginary

Below are links to the official websites for the sources of these healing arts. One can find me listed there as a practitioner.

The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing:

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique:

The following are public facebook groups for these healing arts. One can find me participating there.

Toronto, Canada:
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioners
Reconnective Healing Practitioners

Uzdrawianie Rekonektywne
Technika Kwantowego Uzdrawiania Hipnozą



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