Oil Industry founders in pre-war Jewish Poland: wiped out?



Through the ongoing disclosures pertaining to the reality of free energy devices, we are learning that the history of contemporary wars is plummeted with covert transnational interests in the macroeconomic energy domain. One may note the history of southern Poland in the 1850’s through the World Wars: many cities and towns were wiped out after they began flourishing with the newly found oil industry which began thriving there simultaneously as in other places. Could this have been the hidden reason for this areas destruction? Not even national governments may have known this at that time. While oil and gas may have been used for thousands of years by certain cultures, and while the 1850’s saw many people around the world experimenting with ubiquitous applications of oil, it remains quite clear that this area of Poland was severely maimed materially, psychologically and on metaphysical levels which can be felt to this day, especially by the Polish and Jewish populations. The rest one may think of by oneself.

Please see my blog post regarding Ignacy Łukasiewicz for more historical information.


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