Free Energy Intuitions – #1


The above is a screencapture of a frame from the 1959 Disney animation “Sleeping Beauty”. What can a person observe in this posture?

This blog post is the first of a series about the informational help I receive from various seemingly unrelated sources as the free energy movement emerges. Some of the sources which I plan to include are: observation of my senses, contemplation, intuition, connection to extraterrestrial intelligence, LED growlight research, shamanic journeying, quantum healing hypnosis, reconnective healing, dreams, other altered states of consciousness, books, and more.

Some of the information simply sounds curious or carries a pattern which correlates intuitively with particular aspects of the free energy movement. Some information pertains to metaphysics and deeper psychology, more subtle experiences of the ordinary.

 Tips from LED growlight research:

As mentioned in my upcoming blog post titled, “LEDs – a simulation for emerging free energy technologies”, photonics are the next phase of electronic technologies as we head into the 21st century. In trying to understand lighting for plants, we first must understand natural light and plants. It turns out that despite centuries of interest in this direction, very little is known about the photomorphogenic process of plants. Some noteworthy observations include:

[“Chlorophyll-A transfers resonance energy into the antenna complex.
Chlorophyll (magnesium center) in plants resembles hemoglobin (iron center) in humans. “]

Resonance is a frequent topic covering many fields of advanced research and in the development, and in particular it is noteworthy as the first stage of the performance measure of a Quantum Energy Generator (QEG). The third major stage of such a build is “self-running” and this correlates with tuning the sky to the earth using an antenna! The above chlorophyll statements also put resonance energy, antenna, plants, magnesium, iron and humans into nearly one playing field of some sort. Perhaps the transnational QEG collaboration could consider photosynthesis in the design of of the tuning system? Moreover, the following is paraphrased from a book called, “The Secret Life of Plants“:


[“Certain dyes in a plants absorb a certain spectrum of wavelengths of solar radiation. The absorbtion of this portion of light in plants causes the vibration of electrons in the dyes. These electrons in turn create a constant electrical current in the cells.”]

There are companies working with tree voltage, such as Voltree. Perhaps minimal energy can be harnessed from leaves? What is the smallest power draw and conspumtion we can design for in basic necessities? Apparently there are plans for the release of water-based free energy, such as the Toronto company GDS Technologies is offering: Portable Water Powered Generators. The following paraphrased observation is a valuable foundation:

[“If we learn to release hydrogen and oxygen from water while using sunlight for this, it is a renewable free energy. Respiration is the burning of these.”]

Other disconnected notes include:

[“Some light passes to roots of certain plants.
Chlorophyll is distributed asymetrically.
Plants capture photons from sunlight to create energy sugars
Leaves that separate CO2 and light process are the pineapple, sugar cane, corn.
Plants appear gree because their leaves reflect the green light. Human vision however is most sensitive to green light, an advantageous adaptation for a species that evolved in the forest.
Plants use energy to power chemical reactions.’]

Maybe we need to design what we want to power and see if the conscious design corresponds. Maybe the power will emerge and apply itself when we build the second half. For example, “Stained Glass Windows That Generate Power With Photosynthesis-Like Process“.

The Keshe foundation has released the CO2 capture kit which mimics the process of a leaf capturing carbon-dioxide to create Gas in a Nano State (GANS), a source of energy documented to provide 12V through a DIY home solution:

 Open Source Mystery Schools:

There are many schools through which one can gather practical information. This is simply an example that came to mind:

[“The Law of Resonance is the Universal Law which determines the various vibratory patterns or frequencies which are determined and projected based on various thoughts, beliefs and emotions and the resulting projected frequency which activates the Law of Attraction ensuring that this resonance or projected energy can only harmonize with energies that vibrate or resonate at a similar harmonious vibratory frequency which determine and create your physical results.”]

The source of Healing Arts:

From a textbook on vibrational medicine: there are many types of magnetisms occuring in nature:


Other Sources:

Some of those whom we call inventors were often re-discoverers of lost and always-existing knowledge. People such as Kelvin, Maxwell, Tesla, Edison, etc.. those who developed the light bulb and ran electricity, all had, firstly, the strongest foundations possible in the understanding of radiation, electromagnetism, and in turn, light! it is no coincidence that there may be something intuitively there for free energy through LED growlight research in contemporary times.

In the way the above people made decisions, by allowing business to be conducted on their work, they obstructed the physiological sense of vision for humanity. Their true knowledge and work has been hidden or destroyed in favor of monetary gain and psychological entropy of people. The same knowledge which is now needed for advancing free energy, is the deeper knowledge of light and all that it encompasses. I believe this knowledge can already be found on the internet but there is very little communication between the learned people of today and the hippy dreamers, between the wealthy and the not wealthy. That may be the topic of another blog post.

In summary, I have been observing this kind of knowledge for at least 15 years and will continue to do so. The following is my theoretical undergraduate research paper in biophotonics and new media from 2005/2006:

The Possibility of Augmented Sentience in a Mixed Reality Field – Synthesizing Technology with Consciousness as an Art Form interfacing the Biosphere.

I did not realize that this kind of thinking at that time was already popular but only taken seriously at very high levels of academia, not undergrads, yet I was thinking I am capable of this kind of research as much as if I was at MIT.

On a final note, in all of my research, the deeper I go to the sources of all advanced contemporary knowledge in all fields, such as the physics of light and the knowledge of plants, the closer I get to all of the corporations known to have ties with rogue covert shadowy transnational groups in control of everything on the planet, including psychology, the media, this blog and unimaginable other aspects of daily life.

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