High Strangeness: The Imperative of Consciousness on FB



I am in the process of writing many other posts which correspond more to the healing arts and free energy movement. However, in order to maintain transparency in this line of work, I must publish all strange interactions in all fields as they happen, including telecommunications events. This is the second in the series and it is brief.

My primary google mail account is acting funny, out of line. It suddenly switched to french, so my search results are now in that language, and my email programs require me to reset my password. I had to provide gmail with my telephone number, and therefore GPS coordinates in order to do so. Yet the problem remains unresolved. This comes on the day that two of my distinctly separate internet connections are about to terminate in a regular fashion until I pay for the next rounds. They have not yet terminated but I find this strange timing to be noticeable in that intuitive way.

This comes within hours after noticing that facebook will not post a certain document out of “safety” concerns. I shared this finding on a facebook group and confirmed with others that something is fishy.

I also emailed a few people on the public network map of CE-5 ambassadors, people whom I do not know and assume to be legitimate.

The mentioned document is one from a collection of texts available from the Center of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) website, written by Dr. Greer, titled, “The Imperative of Consciousness”. Try sharing it on facebook and see what happens: http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/cseti-papers/the-imperative-of-consciousness/

Why this is so remains a mystery today on the CE-5 Initiative facebook group with 5000 members.

It is relatively easy to mentate about the kind of corporations Google and Facebook are and who may sit above them. Some of this is necessary, but to what extent?

Maybe this is nothing, but such reports are absolutely necessary in all directions. If the virtual automaton-algorithm knows that I open source everything as it happens, it can only act in this light.

MK google account temporary disable


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