QEG Workshop in Austria! May 16,17


For friends in Poland and those in Eastern Europe who wish to get acquainted with the latest developments in the transnational co-development of the open-sourced and crowdfunded “Quantum Energy Generator” (QEG) movement.

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QEG Austria

You are cordially invited to a QEG a workshop in Kuchl Austria!

In recent months there have been a number of small groups of technicians working on experimental designs who have built several QEG devices with different technical details. In this workshop, the groups present the current state of development.  We are working together on the QEG.

Workshop and Project Objectives:

Mid-term objective: The basic knowledge and understanding of the technology of QEG is developed in the group to ensure the design for practice. The long-term goal: Together we produce QEG devices with everyday practicality so our energy independence be guaranteed.

We look forward to numerous registrations and valuable discussions with dedicated people!

Please Visit their event page to register for the workshop!:

QEG Austria

This post is part of our “QEG’s Around the World Series” -Highlighting stories from global grassroots QEG open sourcing and co-development.

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