Simple free energy can power LED new media


Greetings fellow lightworkers: 2015 is an International Year of Light!

Light 2015

I am currently researching the relationships between certain natural light processes and their simulation through technology: sunlight and plants, photosynthesis, solar panels, lighting innovations, advanced programmable LED lighting for plants, simple natural energy systems and simple technological energy systems. 

“LED” is an acronym for “Light Emitting Diode”, a scientific term for a newer kind of light, in yearly advancement, for which the 2014 Nobel prize in physics was given. 

It seems that the business of LED lighting is of tremendous significance today and in the near future. This line of work connects many disciplines of light, both in science and spirituality. Everything from office space interior design to light colour therapy.

In Poland today there are entire cities looking for help in replacing all the public lights with newer more efficient LEDs.

There are innovators doing incredible things with LED foundations on the nano-scale: LED inks enable the manufacture of printable “lightpaper” (Rohinni) while certain other technologies make a dark room appear to have a light (Ceolux) with a sky and sun! 

By simple example, there are a few  free energy prototype devices that appear to output just enough power to turn on a little mighty LED. That means it can be self-powered.

That’s enough for now, let’s celebrate! 

Let’s use such a light to enlight, to light by light, to create space for more lights… to inspire by light arts and crafts and innovation… one day with more light we may design a technology that powers a home.

One such LED light, with current advances in the field of material science, can be infused with incredible electric intelligence: it can mimic daylight and any other colour temperature, and one can control any of its properties, such as angle and intensity, wirelessly from a distance.

This line of research is a part of my work investigating the connections of ecological sustainability, work exchanges around ayurvedic lifestyle and permaculture, the developments of FabLabs and Hackerspaces, and the increasing consciousness (light) on the emergence of free energy and its harmonious disclosure.

As can be seen in the photograph, it takes four legs and some unusual light.

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