The Well-Being of the Transmission Design


Above: the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt contains the oldest known examples of the “Flower of Life”, atomically imprinted. This pattern appears in unpopular new mathematics connecting contemporary science with contemporary spirituality.

Due to the fact that this blog advances disclosure information about the reality of energy systems, which are simultaneously based on unpopular asymetrical laws as they are on popular symmetrical laws within the foundations of contemporary physics, it is therefore a reasonable idea to include a personal health note at this time, and perhaps in the footnote of every other post.

This is because there exist “those” with nearly unlimited funds and nearly unlimited means who are here to stop this information flow when it “appears on radar” in any significant way. 

This is because the control of power systems is the control of humanity.

“They” do not actually do the work, and almost no person out of millions even suspects “their” existance as “employers” up the rogue way.

After successfully hiding the transmission of the reality of the human mind, perhaps the best way to stop a person from continuing to spread information about the reality of energy systems is to change the mind of the person involved. 

Almost no one should suspect this because only a few can understand the functions of mind without metaphysics. Some have. Of those, some have ran off with dark ideas. Of those, some have put their thoughts into action. And so on. One of the deeper aims of the “world wars” was to destroy this knowlege where it was gaining strength, by killing anyone of “intelligence”.

It may be deduced that if anyone ever finds the process of this, then the process has found them, for this field deals with some of the greatest technological secrecy. Some of the knowledge has been made into weapons combining mind and technology across all space and all time on this planet. “They” know when one finds out.

Contemporary telecommunications datamining extracts sh*t compared to what is actually possible by those with the ability to detect and act on emitted thoughts of people merely thinking about “free energy”.

I am not feeling well and I am losing basic mental abilities rapidly. I know how to work and come out of this but it is very peculiar and dangerous to any person, especially if they have not had the specialized inner work. Perhaps my experience is unrelated but I definately feel there is something subtle going on.

It feels like the majority of physical reality, which includes people, is “against” active mentation about “free energy”.

I am curious if this is natural or synthetic. If the reality of energy systems is in harmony with nature then why would physical reality be “against” it?

Perhaps it is because “the mind is the builder, and the physical is the result.” The human mind is that powerful. If millions of people think of fear and impossibilities of “free energy” then this can be felt in the air as a jail wall by anyone who approaches. 

Part of the work of the transnational QEG movement is to “create space” to continue.

This jail wall is not even there.


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