High Strangeness: Non-ordinary human and electronic behaviour in close proximity



While working on the sidelines and in the anonymous background, I am certainly experiencing an increase the common-sense perceptions of subtle and strange non-ordinary behaviours, patterns, and interactions with people and electronic devices, in particular telecommunications in close proximity to me. I can call it the “non-working-order” or “increase in failure of simple operations”. These experiences seem to be as subtle as the noticing of a slight “off-center” in a precise design alignment. In the last 48 hours I have had 5 people tell me their smartphones are failing them in that moment. There is a noticeable increase in “interested” people for no apparent reason whatsoever, often with averse reactions to my presence. I am not able to see the possible reasons other than the fact that I continue to work in tangents to the flow of the system, with a language that clearly must stand out on digital social network radar mappings as well as in the organic matrix.

I know that this form of reporting of personal experiences is significant in this line of work despite being seemingly irrelevant and unrelated. I must report this.

My next article is in rough draft form and swings around the possibilities of interconnecting FabLabs with the QEG movement, or the emergent future of both.


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