Non-ordinary Consciousness in Financial, Energetic, and Warfare Crisis Resolution



It seems that money, energy, and warfare are interlinked in a big game. Since these have aspects which are mysteriously hidden, I am curious about the truth. I also remain flexible as to the tangibility, maleability and abstraction of what can be found at any given moment. It seems that the experiential approach to making contact with reality involves natural non-ordinary states of consciousness. This is a challenge to understand from within the general civilization by nature. I know from my own direct personal experiences, that it is precisely through natural non-ordinary states of consciousness that the monetary, energy and warfare crisis can be harmoniously resolved.

An example interlinking all of the above is the new language emerging in human-technological relations. What exactly is a tweet, a facebook page, or cloud computing? Going deeper, what is an electron, and what is its role in technology, how do we treat this natural occurrence on this planet?

The mere mentioning of non-ordinary states of consciousness can lead to many challenges. The existence of this blog is a little miracle but also one of the greatest possible destroyers of reality which is talk. Miraculous are also online crowdfunding initiatives and transnational collaborations based on peace, happiness and liberation but these virtues are not found in ordinary states of consciousness.

Perhaps the Netherlands example of can be a little more appreciated today: What are the words in which we can describe a country’s attempt to share farmed energy by the people? Some call it the “AirBnB” of clean energy because there are no words to describe the movement in contemporary popular civilization.


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