Tom Bearden and G.I.Gurdjieff: The electric connection


G.I.Gurdjieff was a master with an ability to guide certain people to find their own way through direct human experience. Some called him a mystic. Under a certain light he was a normal man, albeit one who remarkably attained his own realization by conscious labors and intentional suffering. One may read about him in this editorial introduction of the Gurdjieff International Review:


In his book titled, “Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, An Objectively Impartial Criticism of the Life of Man”, published in 1950, chapter 45 is called, “In the opinion of Beelzebub, man’s extraction of electricity from Nature, and its destruction during its use, is one of the chief causes of the shortening of human life”. [Not based on the contemporary popular science pertaining to human lifespans.] In the polish translation of the book, the precise page is 1031.

This sounds close to what a nuclear scientist has been claiming for the past few decades.

Tom Bearden, Ph.D., Retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, is a theorist of a collection of interacting processes in energy technology, mind-matter interaction, electromagnetic-biological effects, and unified field theory. He is increasingly referred to in circles researching and developing practical advanced energy solutions, in particular “energy from the active vacuum”. One may read about him here:


While he has published a book on the matter, one may freely read the summary of how contemporary power systems are unnecessarily based on the destruction of the dipole, in the Spirit of Ma’at archives, titled, “Taming the Fierce energy of the Vacuum” in two parts: February 2002 and March 2002.

Let me know if you may have deeper insight into this observation as I am quite curious. A future blog publication may perhaps illuminate more of the actual meaning and significance.


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