Energy Expenses: Tiny homes in the Algarve



With an eye out for free energy applications, I am currently on a work-exchange program helping with marking a home and permaculture garden construction site in the rural Algarve region north of the ocean-side Albufeira, in Portugal.

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The type of work varies, as do the organization:, and

Some work examples are the following: renovations, permaculture maintenance, organization, and various other physical labors.

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The following is the type of information I am gathering common to the first locations. It is not new data. I believe that some of the people I meet who manage to maintain their ecologically sustainable practices, can have the opportunities to apply the emerging free energy devices within the next few years.

Heat is by means of fireplace and local dry wood from the land. There is a mini gas stove, with a preference to fireplace whenever possible. Water is connected to a neighbor and has an attached meter. Electrical is connected to a neighbor and has a meter there. Not precise but works by arranged agreement. No water heating other than by sunlight into coiled hose. Also helpful would be added water pressure.

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Most food is bought but the land is being prepared for a garden, almost a small farm. Other expenses are transport fuel (gasoline), and telecommunications with their power systems. Power tools needed for the construction also consume energy. Next in price is the food itself.


If one goes back in time, it all seems to have existed:

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