Designing a Prioritized Organization Approach


001Free Energy in Poland update: There exists a list of people and organizations to invite to the formation of the movement/working group. There will be a simple HTML email design with a graphic and convincing typography. Now I am creating what to invite them for. An online portal/basic website for the Free Energy movement in Poland. From there they can find out that the QEG build is an example of the possible work. So it all needs an organized prioritozed and timed plan. I am doing this without any money to do so and without help. For the outside viewer it does not get any more boring at this stage. I am finding out that boredom is a vitally rich state of consciousness we are taught to  avoid in order not to escape from prison. All I am doing is listening and it just comes together in front of me. As Edgar Cayce rediscovered: “Spirit is the Life. Mind is the Builder. Physical is the Result.”


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